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10 bra rules that you shouldn’t break

Breaking rules is always fun, but then there are some rules that are meant to be followed. There are lots of do’s and don’ts when it comes to bras, some say this and some say that, but what do the experts say?

Here’s a list of 10 rules to follow without breaking any one of them.

  1. Do not shy away to take assistance while shopping for bras

Most women wear the wrong size bra simply because they don’t know their right measurements. Get yourself measured taking help from the sizing or measurement charts that are available at all online lingerie stores. You just don’t buy a bra thinking this size will fit you right. You need to know your correct measurements to get that perfect fit.

  1. Comfort is not their middle name

Bras are worn to provide support and you won’t get it until it is tightly clasped. So, if you are looking for comfort here than look elsewhere ladies. Unless you go for non-wired and non-padded bras for everyday wear don’t think much about comfort.

  1. Bra sizes changes more often than you ever thought

That’s right. Even if you are not putting on (lucky you, most do it only by looking at food) or losing weight, do measure yourself at least twice a year. Even a little change in your bra size can make a lot of difference in the fitting.

  1. Don’t rush while bra shopping

When shopping for a bra, do not simply pick up you like. Read all about it, see them from different angles and find your perfect size. If the one you like in not available in your size but a closer size, do not make the mistake of going for that one. There are hundreds of options available so just don’t rush it.

  1. Bra is to support and not show unless you intentionally want to

Those peeking straps are not necessarily cool so keep them hidden. Also, wear colours that don’t pop up from underneath. Invest in different kinds of bras for different styles of clothing, strapless, nude coloured, backless bra and the likes.

  1. Clasp them to store them well

Bras are delicate pieces of clothing and if you wish for them to retain their shape for long, then you need to store them well. Store them in a clothes drawer or boxes and don’t forget to clasp them or the hooks might get tangled with other bras and you wouldn’t want that, right? Do not dump them loose as they tend to lose shape faster this ways.

  1. Only hand-wash for them

They do need little caring and some attention. If you wish to extend the life of your precious ones then no machine-wash for them please. Wash them with gentle detergent in lukewarm water and if you don’t have an option other than machine-wash then put them in lingerie bags to protect them and set the wash cycle on delicate.

  1. No drying on a clothesline

Just like sweaters, bras too lose shape when hanged. Do not wring a bra ever after washing or they will lose shape faster than ever. Lay them flat to dry them and don’t put pegs on them to avoid marks.

  1. Wear them for a year or two and then get yourself new ones

Bras are expensive but they have a shelf life that is pretty less. Bras tend to lose elasticity with time and because of this they tend to lose shape and not fit well. Replace your bras every few months to get that perfect fit.

  1. Take a break from wearing them

Going braless is officially beneficial. Research suggests that going braless is beneficial for the growth and vitality of your breasts. Take a break from wearing them when at home or while sleeping at night.


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