10 Clothing Tips and Tricks for the Young Fashionistas

Clothes make a big part of our personality and it sounds fair enough for us to have some personal tips and tricks up our sleeve to enhance our look and personality. Small tricks that go a long way in altering our style be it adjusting the bra strap or make do with the tight jeans and other dilemmas we all face at some point of time in the name of fashion.

  1. Bra strap concealer

With just a thin strip of fabric and sew-on press studs the common problem of the bra strap being visible can be solved. Sew on the fabric on wide neck outfits as it not only keeps the bra straps concealed but also keeps the shirt falling off from your shoulder. It’s a simple do it yourself task that really comes in handy.

  1. Zipper solution to tight denims

Most of us might be having a few jeans that are a little tight to zip up but very smart to let it go. Here’s an easy solution to it, just slide a keychain ring on to the loop of the zipper and when you slide it up loop it around the button and then button up the denims. The key ring stays concealed and you don’t have to worry about the zipper going down.

  1. Slim it down with layers

This one trick works well on body shapes giving a slimmer look by making the mid-section look stiffer. When wearing a shirt underneath your sweater do slip on a form fitting tank top in between the two. The tank top presses and flattens the torso giving a slimmer look as the bunched up fabric and the outlines of the button of the shirt get straightened beneath it.

  1. Remove deodorant stains

Putting on a shirt after putting on a deodorant is an art to be mastered by many. You need to put it on very carefully or the deodorant leaves black marks on the clothes. Sometimes it does happen and all you need are baby wipes as they are your best bet to remove the marks.

  1. Remove sweat stains

The yellow stains near the armpit of white shirts are really a killer but you are not the only one who has to endure the problem. Fill a water bottle with lemon juice and spray on the areas that are prone to sweat stains before putting them in wash and see the miracle.

  1. Waterproof your canvas shoes

Light and breathable, canvas shoes are simply comfortable but when it comes to a rainy day they are the last pair one would think of taking out. Not anymore as you can waterproof your canvas with bees wax. Just rub it on the shoes and blow dry it so the wax melts all over the shoes. Wait for five minutes and the shoes are ready for a rainy day out.

  1. Stop a run in your hosiery

Whether it is a panty hose or a stocking they are prone to runs. Although clear nail polish is used to stop a run in a pair but hairspray can be your best bet.A quick spray with a hair spray can, especially on the areas that are prone to runs will solve the issue.

  1. Chewing gum casualty

You never know when the chewing gum catastrophe hits you ruining your clothes and fabrics. Ice is the best way to remove it as the idea is to make the gum as cold as possible so it gets easier to scrape it off. The same works with furniture and hair.

  1. Get rid of the red wine stain

Getting red wine on your white shirt is just waste of good wine but if it happens then you need a quick fix to neutralize the stain. Pour a small amount of white wine on the stain so that the red wine doesn’t settle in.

  1. Patch it up

Let your creativity flow by turning a rip in your denims to something unique and smart. Using Heat and Bond attach a patch from the inside of the ripped denim and patch it up with a little embroidery floss so it not only stays in place but looks cool too.

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