10 common cooking mistakes that most of us tend to make

Cooking is not rocket science but science it is or is it an art. I believe it is both an art and a science that is as old as mankind itself. As the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect, but it does not fit with cooking. You’d ask why so?

Even the most experienced cooks tend to make common mistakes that change the whole taste of the dish. Here’s a list of 10 common mistakes that we all should avoid while preparing beautiful food.

  1. Preparation

Like said before, cooking is a science and your experiment with food requires preparation. Most people do not give importance to preparation in advance and while cooking run for looking herbs, spices or other small stuff that looks small but is so important for the dish.

# Prepare everything in advance lay out all the ingredients before you begin cooking and then it is an easy feat.

  1. Recipe

Trying out a new dish? Begin with reading the recipe and familiarize yourself with the process of preparing this new dish. Be thorough with the recipe so you know exactly what to put and when to put any ingredient.

# Take the copy of the recipe along when you go to buy the ingredients so you don’t miss anything out.

  1. Measurements

If you are following a recipe then follow it to the T and make the exact measurements. A little here and there is fine but try to take the same measurements as given in the recipe.

# Do take care of the teaspoon and tablespoon measurements.

  1. Cleaning

Cleaning the vegetables and protein are a must. Most of us wash the protein but do not wash the vegetables as they are stored in clean boxes in the vegetable store. Before beginning the cooking process make sure to wash all the vegetable and protein ingredients if possible with lukewarm water.

 # Wash the vegetables and protein in a separate container and also use separate storage for them.

  1. Preheating

I am sure you always preheat the oven before baking or roasting. Same goes with stove top cooking but most of us do not follow the same rule of preheating. If you add ingredients to a cold pan, it makes it difficult for sautéing making them soggy and tough. So unless the recipe says so, do heat the pan and the fat before adding ingredients.

# Make sure to just heat the pan not overheating it as it can cause fire.

  1. Temperature

As the temperature of cooking vessel is important so is with the ingredient. If you are using freeze ingredient, give it some time to thaw before putting it the oven.

# Give the ingredient the required time to thaw or cool for the right taste.

  1. Overcrowding

If the dish you are cooking is occupying the entire space of the oven or pan then it is better to cook it in batches as the dish would not only change color but not be evenly cooked as some part would get more amount of heat than other.

# Split your dish in to sizeable batches to avoid overcrowding the oven or pan and for it to cook evenly.

  1. Egg whites

Many of us do this mistake of mishandling the egg whites while beating them for a cake. Give the egg white enough time to separate from the yolk and blend with soft moves.

# Avoid overbeating the egg whites by folding them in with smooth movements rather than beating it in a hurry.

  1. Rice

Tired of sticky rice or in some cases hard rice? This is a very common mistake but can be avoided with a very simple solution, measure the quantity of the rice and the water. The ratio of rice is to water should always be 1:2.

# Cook the rice on medium heat and always measure the quantity of water.

10. Stirring

Stirring is an important part of cooking, however not all dishes require the same level of stirring. Continuous stirring and flipping can spoil any perfect dish so stir only when you feel it is required.

# Gentle stirring is necessary to mix all the ingredients and if a dish requires more than that then I am sure it would be mentioned in the recipe.

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