10 Essential Things to Carry to your College

When you are moving to college, you need to make sure you have the packing list set right. Let’s say you should have all the essentials neatly packed and parceled, ready to be taken for the journey to college.

Living in a hostel is almost like fending for your needs. You will need to make sure everything from the toothbrush to your night bulb is in place, and you have extras of all of this in your bag. Sometimes hostel accommodations are set away from the main city, and so you may not be able to barge into a store anytime of the day or night to get the things right away. Having extras makes sense at such a time. Here are 10 things that you should necessarily pack when you are leaving to live a college life.

Vanity Shelves

Your hostel room will be a bare open space where you will need to set up things. Vanity shelves help you do just that. You can have hanging vanity shelves that can accommodate your make up as well as your scarves and your accessories. This hanging thing feels good when it has a mirror. Buy one as getting ready will feel easy with that.

Desk Lamp

This comes handy when you have to share your hostel room with another person. If you need light, and your roommate is off to bed and does not want the lights on, this comes handy. You can have a nice desk lamp that gives sufficient light to you, while making the whole atmosphere look nice. This is worth investing in.

Laundry Bags

Buy those aesthetic laundry bags that come with a cover. You will see that these laundry bags are essentially covered so nobody would realize that these bags have your laundry. You can make them appear as one of your essential items. These laundry bags are essential members of your hostel packing. You can buy these online from Flipkart or some similar ecommerce stores.

Alarm Clock

Though your smartphones have the alarm services, an interesting alarm piece should always accompany you to your college. This alarm piece cannot be snoozed, and will wake you up with its loud rings. This way you will never be late for your lectures.

Small Shelves

You will need space to store your clothes and other belongings. If your hostel does not have any sort of wardrobe, then you can invest in these cloth made small shelves. They are splendid organizers which are available in Velcro material too. Get two or three of these to store and equip all your stuff. Makes your room look adorable!

Shoe Organizers

When you get out of school, and into college you step out of your regular shoes and enter the space where you own more than just one shoe. You have a shoe for every occasion. Keeping this in mind, you will need to invest in shoe organizers. These will keep your shoes in fit condition.

Trash Cans

Trash cans are important when you want to throw the garbage and keep your room clean. You need to ideally have two trash cans, one to throw food and the other to throw dry garbage. Buy them in pairs. It is not a major investment as it might seem, and it is highly essential when you are planning to stay in a hostel

Bathroom Slippers

Flip flops for the shower are the most important purchase you will make when shifting your base to the hostel. This will help maintain the bathrooms clean, and you will not slip either in the bathroom. This is one of those interesting purchases to make before entering your hostel life.

Wall Decors

Now your hostel room is your new home! You don’t want to make it appear bland. So bring life to this room with interesting wall pieces and decorative articles. You will see that it adds life to the room.


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