10 Tricks to Perfect your Makeup & Style

It is every woman’s dream to don the perfect makeup when they step out the home. You may just wear a simple liner, but you still want it to look as perfect as possible. If you are not the kinds to spend a lot of time behind makeup, here are some simple tricks that might help you apply makeup perfectly.

Pencil Liner to Gel

A makeup kit remains incomplete without pencil eyeliners. You will have a variety of colors in your bag, or at least one color to call your own. Keep this liner under the flame for a while, and then let it cool down. Use this liner gel along your eyes. This will help your liner stay smudge free.

White Liner Cover

You don’t want to cover your eyes with a eyeshadow that looks smoky or dark. Well here’s a trick to avoid that.  You can make the eyeshadow look colorful and nice by applying white liner over your eyelids. The opaque shade will intensify the actual shade of your eyeshadow, and make it look beautiful along the eyeline.

Cat Eye First

The perfect way to apply a winged liner is to draw the cat eye first. This outer lining will give you enough space to fill the inner colors. It will make the liner smudge free, and keep the liner on all night. Party with the liner on!

Spoon the Winged Liner

There is another way to perfect your winged liner. Use of spoon will perfect the liner for your trip outside. Hold the stem of your spoon along the outer side of your eye. Now draw the cat eye, a perfect straight line. Now turn the spoon such that it stays close to the eye, and draw the winged line along the outer side of your eye.

Heat the Eyelash Curler

If you want to curl your eyelashes perfectly, and make them stay curled longer, then you should ideally heat your eyelash curler before using it. You can use a blow dryer to efficiently heat the eyelash curler. If it is too hot, allow it to cool for a while , and then clamp it along your eyelashes.

First Left than Right

Love the smoky eye? Want to wear it to a party tonight! Here’s a trick to perfect the smoky eye. First you will need to draw a hashtag, a slanted one along the outer corner of your eye. Now start blending it with the smudger that you have created at the other end of your eye. This blend will give the smoky effect.

Spoon to Avoid Mascara Marks

There’s a trick to avoid spreading the mascara you have delicately applied, and ensuring there are no smudges on your face. Hold a spoon close to your eyes, and apply the mascara. When you hold the spoon and apply the mascara along your eyelashes, you will see that instead of touching your eyes, the residue touches the spoon. This way the mascara stays smudge free.

Eyelash Glue to False Lashes

Are you planning to use false lashes? Use bobby pins to evenly spread the eyelash along your false lashes. Wait till it dries out, and then move out looking pretty.

Translucent Powder between Coats

Apply some translucent powder along your lashes, in between coats. This will give you full lashes. The mascara will look nice when applied with translucent powder.

Create Custom Lip Gloss

Do you want to create a custom lip gloss instead of buying a brand new off the shelf? Here’s a way to match the glowing mascara with some interesting gloss. Mix your lipstick shade with some salve, and apply it over a coat of petroleum jelly. You will get the awesomeness of lip gloss.

Try these tricks, and enjoy a good day with amazing makeup.  

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