14 Basic tips to up the style quotient of urban men

The festivities have just begun and with so many parties around the corner make sure you look groomed and stand out in a crowd even though you have had a hectic day at work. Few basic grooming and style tips and you are good to go.

1. Stay above with your styling
Don’t go over the top but don’t shy away to take some risks. Experiment according to the occasion, it’s better to be over dressed any day than under dressed. But make sure you don’t steal away the shine of the most important person of the event.

2. Details do matter
The last thing you wear is the first to be noticed so mind it to make it count. It might be your belt, tie, pocket square or a scarf, do not underestimate the power of details.

3. Fit is always fine
The most important improvement in your style is that you make sure anything you wear fits to the T. Most men wear clothes that are either tight or loose. Bad fit makes for bad styling no matter how expensive or stylish your clothes are. Make sure to wear clothes that are your size, almost hugging the shape of your body.

4. A good pair of shoes
‘A man is judged by his shoes’. Ever heard that one before? Women do notice your shoes and appreciate it especially when they are clean and shiny. You make an effort to iron your clothes, style your hair but most guys forget the importance of polished shoes. Your well kempt shoes will reflect your taste.

5. Socks do matter
The thumb rule when wearing a pair of socks is that the color should not match with the color of the shoe. Choose any other element of your clothing, be it tie, blazer or the shirt and match the color of socks with it.

6. Add some color
Experiment with colors. Wear a shirt or a tie in pinks or purple to add a splash of color and style to your casual look.

7. Accessorize
Sharpen your look with accessories. Reinvent your style with belts, wrist watch, scarf, head gear, fashion jewelry and others.

8. Invest in blazers or jackets
A blazer can take you from casual to semi-formal or formal in just an instant. Choose a neutral color be it black, brown or gray so it goes with whatever you wear and makes you look dapper. Make sure the fit is perfect.

9. Scent of a man
Don’t forget to step out without a spray. Even if you wear a deodorant, perfume is something that completes your look. Wear it on your pulse points for heightened effect.

10. Nail them up
There are ample moments at a party when your nails come right in to the focus. Holding a glass or a plate for your woman or serving someone, you wouldn’t want them to shy away by seeing your unkempt nail, right. Always keep your nails well-trimmed and clean, go in for manicure so your nails and hands look groomed.

11. Moisturize
Whether you have dry or oily skin, air brush your face. Hydrating enhancers or oil-soaking matte creams are tools that men should invest in to keep their face looking fresh. For a flawless look you can use a concealer to hide those dark circles or blemishes.

12. Make it fun
Be it formal or casual dressing it shouldn’t be boring. Enjoy your style by wearing different pieces, experiment or get inspired by others but if you are not sure it works on you then hire a stylist to add some fun pieces to your wardrobe.

13. Keep it stylishly simple
Stock up your wardrobe with stuff that looks good on you but don’t overdo it. Don’t dress up like a rock star until you are one and avoid wearing more than three pieces of jewelry and sticking to no more than three colors at a time.

14. 5 basics clothing pieces
A good pair of jeans, white shirt, a white tee, a blazer and a pair of trousers is essential in every men’s’ wardrobe. When in doubt just combine the basics and you are good to go.

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