simple everyday diet and fitness tips.

15 simple tips that lets you take charge of your body now

Who doesn’t wish to have a curvaceous body, a figure to die for?

Your wish can come true, if you follow these simple everyday diet and fitness tips. You are in charge of your health, body and life, just a little push is all you need to be right there.

  1. Find a fitness friend

To stay motivated towards fitness, you need a friend who can double up as a fitness partner, someone who inspires you to get going with your regular workout and even push your limits. If you know someone like this then get up and make that call now.

  1. Achy muscles

Don’t let achy muscles dampen your spirits. There’s a good chance you will feel pain in your muscles after the initial workout. To relieve you from sore thighs or tight calves submerge yourself in a cold bath. This trick is followed by athletes to reduce soreness in their body after training sessions.

  1. Keep your sweet tooth in check

Eat everything in moderation and to satisfy your sweet cravings try to go for naturally sweet things like fruit or nuts. Curb your sweet side by cutting and especially not giving in to those late night cravings.

  1. Healthy eating

Food acts as a fuel for our body and without proper nutritious food not only our energy level but fitness would also go down. Eat a balanced diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables as well as carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

  1. Eat more

The most common problem with people who wish to maintain weight is that they do not eat enough. That’s right, you need to eat more. Instead of eating three meals have five-six small meals in a day. It stimulates the metabolism and eat less as the day progresses because our activity decreases.

  1. Comfortable shoes

Pick a pair of sneakers that gives you room to wiggle your toes. They should be comfy from the word go because they are going to be your partner in crime.

  1. The music list

If running is what you prefer then running with music just gets you in a groove. Make a playlist with music that lifts your mood be it soft relaxing music or head banging tunes. Take your pick and get going.

  1. Weigh weekly

After beginning the diet and fitness program check your weight weekly for motivation. Step on the scale in the morning before you’ve had anything to drink or eat. Make this a weekly habit and at a consistent time.

  1. Monitor your portions

It’s better to fill half your plate with veggies and fruits. That is because your stomach would feel half full and then it would be harder to do the caloric side dishes.

Use smaller plates and bowls as studies show people serve 20-40% more when using larger plates.

10. Combat liquid calories

Getting ready for the ladies night? Don’t compromise on your fun but do make sure to drink lots of water between cocktails. Order sparkling water with citrus fruits and drink it up like a cocktail.

11. Cheat day

Don’t starve yourself but don’t indulge either. If you did have something you feel guilty about, use that feeling and put it in your workout for the next few days. Whittle away those extra calories by boosting exercise and no don’t use it as an excuse to indulge.

12. Stay hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated to stay energized before your workout. Electrolyte loaded drinks can add up to the calorie meter so plain H2O can do the trick.

13. Fun up the healthy diet food

Make your healthy food flavorsome with spices, lemon and herbs. They contain negligible amount of calories and can even make the most boring food interesting. Try it out today.

14. Good support

Even if you have been following your healthy routine to the T, it does become difficult without good support. If your family or friends do not share your healthy eating enthusiasm don’t get bogged down by peer pressure.

15. Eat lunch and dinner at the right place

Sitting in front of a computer or television while eating leads to mindless grazing. However busy you are, make time for lunch and dinner and have it at a proper place.

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