18 common fashion mistakes that men make

18 common fashion mistakes that men make

Believe it or not most men make fashion faux pas that sometimes becomes a big fashion blunder. Here are the most common fashion traps that should be avoided for you to keep looking dapper.

  1. Too many colors

Wearing too many colors is a strict no-no. Limit your outfit to a maximum of three colors at one time and that too analogous (colors adjacent to each other on a color wheel) or complementary (colors opposite to each other on the color wheel) colors.

Always remember that with colors less is more.

  1. Too many prints

Do avoidwearing too many patterns or prints together. When wearing a formal suit the thumb rule is to keep the prints or patterns to max two. If the suit is patterned then the shirt should be in solid color and the tie can be patterned or vice versa.

  1. Mix and match

Keep your outfits coherent and matching. Don’t mix sportswear with formal or casual wear with office wear.

  1. Cartoon clothing

Everybody loves cartoon but they are meant for kids so let the cartoon print dressing for the kids only. Unless you work for one of those cartoon companies, avoid wearing them on your tie or tees.

  1. Ill-fitting clothes

Wearing baggy clothes or clothes that are too tight at the wrong places make you look bad. If it is difficult to find well-fitting clothes for your body type than get them tailor made in your size but do not wear ill-fitting clothes.

  1. Unmatched socks

When wearing a formal suit make sure to wear matching sock color to that of your trousers and not shoes. But this rule can be changed anytime for your style’s sake.

  1. Belt and shoes

When wearing formal shoes make sure you wear the belt in the same color as the shoes. When dressing casually wear a thicker casual belt and not a thin dress belt.

  1. Tie length

Overlooked by many but it is a serious fashion faux pas to wear a tie that’s either too short or too long. Your tie should end at the center of your belt buckle.

  1. Length of dress socks

While wearing formal clothes make sure to wear socks that come up to your calves. When you sit crossing your legs, any part of your legs should not be visible. But when dressing casually it’s a great idea to wear short socks or even go sock less.

10. Buttoned up

Being too buttoned up loses the charm. When wearing a jacket fasten only the top buttons and leave the bottom one open for a more stylish look.

11. Too much bling

All the bling a man needs is his watch or his wedding ring (if you are married). If you like wearing jewelry, limit yourself to three pieces max unless you are a rockstar.

12. Sandals

Keep the sandals or flip flops for the beach or the pool. Invest in a smart pair of moccasins in either brown or black color. Easy to slip on and high on style, moccasins can be worn with formal or casual outfits.

13. Athletic socks

Unless going to the gym or any sporting event, avoid wearing your athletic socks at any other do. Stick to the regular navy or black casual socks as they look more stylish than the whites.

14. Facial hair

Your face is the first thing that anyone will notice so make sure you are well groomed to always look sharp. Trim that facial hair and come clean.

15. Untidy nails

Whether it’s cracked cuticles or dirty fingernails, some men just don’t understand how their hands can be a big turn off. Take proper care of your hands by moisturizing them and keeping your nails trimmed and dirt free.

16. Excess cologne

Why would a woman come close to you if she can smell you from a distance? Use your cologne with caution depending on its strength. If the smell seems to fade away after some time then reapply.

17. Unflattering hairstyles

Hair is one area that can make or break a look. Experiment with hairstyles and upgrade to a better look.

18. Dirty shoes

A stylish man always keeps his shoes clean as you can judge a man by the shoes he wears.

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