25 Office Fashion Faux Pas…What not to wear at Work

The decline of dress code at office and the introduction of corporate casualshave made it a little difficult to judge what exactly comes under office wear. Although casual dressing at office makes it fun and lively there should be some set boundaries that should never be crossed. The workplace appropriate dressing begins only when you know what not to wear to work.

Follow these tips to not make an office fashion faux pasjust not for the sake of your career but also your style. Get dressed right for the job to fit right in the working environment.

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  1. Sheer Clothing

Whether it is a thin t-shirt or a blouse or a dress, it’s just not seems right for a professional place. Shop from best online shopping stores like Amazon, Paytm, Jabong, Shopclues, Snapdeal or Zivame.

  1. Showing too much skin or cleavage

Cleavage baring tops or short skirts can be worn to a party but not at work. Clothes that show too much skin should definitely be kept out of the work wear closet.

  1. Low waist pants

Not only they’ll be uncomfortable while you sit or stand they’ll make your colleagues uncomfortable too. Even if you wear a low waist pant do make sure to wear a long shirt or tee with it.

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  1. Bra straps

Bra straps should be totally concealed. Office is not the place to show off your bra straps.

  1. Visible panty lines

Do make sure to wear seamless panty as panty lines are such a no-no at work.

  1. Cut off denim shorts

It’s best to stay away from denim shorts when at office. Denims always look hot but at work stick to the smarter denim pick of jeans.

  1. Body-con dresses

Body-con dresses are so much in but outside office. Too much skin hugging and you’ll be the only one all the colleagues would be working on.

  1. Fishnet stockings

Fishnet stockings are not something to be worn at work. A complete no-no.

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  1. Flip-flops

Have you given up on fashion completely? Agreed not everyone loves to wear heels but a ballet flat or sandal can also do so much better, flip flops, don’t even think about it.

  1. Wet hair

Always be polished from the neck up so even if there’s a slight err in dressing it can be ignored but wet hair to work not cool.

  1. Hat

Unless until you are stepping out for work in the rains hats should be avoided as they send out an unprofessional vibe especially when indoors.

  1. Sneakers

Athletic footwear at office simply not allowed. Wear them to any other place but work.

  1. Wrinkled clothes

All you need is an iron and the pauper turns in to the prince. Invest in a steam iron and never turn up at work or for that matter any other place in wrinkled clothes.

  1. Jewelry that jingles

Unless you are the boss no one would want to hear you coming from afar. Also the jingling or the noise would affect the concentration of other workers.

  1. Clanking heels

If you love wearing high heels whether in office or outside just make sure to invest in high quality pair of heels so they rarely clank while walking in the office.

  1. Track pants

You are at work not lazing around at home or working out in the gym.

  1. Animal prints

Just not suited for the work environment

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  1. Heavy perfume, deodorant or after shave

Not everyone enjoys the fragrance so just keep it to you. Also avoid the cheap stuff as it gives a bigger punch.

  1. Negligees

No matter if they are tucked under a coat or jacket, negligees just do not belong in office. Keep them for the night wear where you don’t have to hide them under anything.

  1. Printed tees

Printed t-shirts that make a bold political or religious statement is best to be avoided in a crowded place or you might hurt somebody’s sentiments or even rub someone the wrong way.

  1. Too much make-up

Wearing make-up at work gives a professional look but wearing too much make-up especially bold colors like electric blue or green should be kept out.

  1. The same thing you wore yesterday or day before yesterday

Everyone in the office will know you haven’t washed up or done the laundry so just skip it.

  1. Unkempt hair

The out of the bed look might be great for other things but not for your career.

  1. Brands overload

You don’t want your colleagues to know how much you are spending on your designer wardrobe. Keep that for your girlfriends.

  1. Accessories

Minimalism works best when at office so do make sure to accessorize lightly as you want your work to shine not your jewelry.

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