7 Steps to fix a troubled area in your life

We all have certain trouble areas in our life and no matter how many times we try to shake or lose them they crop up again and again. There is always something or the other to deal with. It is not a big thing as it is these challenges that never let us give up the journey of self-improvement.

Just imagine a point in your life where you have achieved everything and there is nothing left to do or improve, it’d be colorless. But the best thing is that it is not possible to achieve that stage of perfection where you tend to have everything better than the best.

If there is something we need to improve on than it can only be conquered if we have a plan of action.

Here are a few steps that can be used for just about anything.

  1. Identify the trouble area

The first step is to identify the trouble area to know the issue you are dealing with. It is important to be specific as uncertainty leads to inaction.

If the problem you are dealing with is comprehensive then it’s better to break it down and work on it step by step. Take it one baby step at a time as an individual project and work on it successively. Do not in any case take on a substantial area with too many components involved as it doomed to be a failure from the beginning.

  1. Look out for patterns

Identifying the patterns of negative behavior helps you narrow down the search for operative solutions and later on can be applied at the right time.

A small example can help you understand the problem and how it can be solved. If you have a habit of overspending, the first thing you need to realize is on what you overspend and which online shopping website, is it necessary, do you do it every single time? Ask yourself these questions and you will surely see a pattern. Once you identify the problem area and the pattern, the next step should be to fix the area.

  1. Realizing the causes

Most of the times realizing the causes that lead you to the trouble areas are not easily spotted as they are deep rooted. It will require honest, deep and sometimes uncomfortable self-analysis and in some cases it is right in front of your eyes but you cannot put a finger at it.

The cause can be materialistic or emotional; you need to find that out to help fix it.

  1. Do some research

After you get some basic knowledge of the trouble area, patterns and the causes behind it, it’s time to do some further research to end it once and for all. Knowledge is power, so when you thoroughly understand the plus and minus of the area you are dealing with, you will work on it in a better way.

For example if you are trying to quit smoking and you understand how nicotine can harm you in the longer process, the pitfalls when people try to quit and the aftereffects, you will be prepared and work towards it with the required effort and zeal.

  1. Register the solutions

Once you begin the research you will tend to find the solutions to your trouble area. You would want to find as many solutions as possible but do filter them for effectiveness. If you will take note of each and every solution than you are bound to get confused but do take heed of those solutions that you think would help you.

Be open about the methods but at the same time be selective. Make a list of solutions in an order so that the most promising methods come on top of the list and the least effective one at the bottom. Taking cue from other people’s solution is a good way to start but don’t forget that you know yourself better so do add the solutions that you might think work well in your favor.

  1. Assessing the solution

Every solution on your list needs to be identified and assessed. If you see results with a certain solution than work on it unless a more effective solution is required. Start with the method that shows most promising result and that you are comfortable with in the long run.

  1. Analyze the progress

Make sure you review your progress from time to time. Ask yourself these simple questions, is the solution working for me, is it producing the desired result, do I need to work on another solution? A simple yes or no will tell you what should be your next step.

Understand that fixing the problem requires two major steps

  • Recognizing the problem and the available solution
  • Test, tweak, rinse and repeat till you succeed.

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