7 Ways to Handle a Shopaholic Wife ;)

No woman, exceptions are always there, would say no to shopping. Even if she has had a bad day at work, or has been dragging her soul for weeks out of her home, she would always be game for shopping. Spending a few bucks is her way of getting rid of the stress that has been bottling up forever.

Alas! Men will never understand why women thrive on shopping. This is probably why marriage happens to be a shocker for men who have hated shopping all their lives. While it is fun to shop once in a while, what about men whose wives have been termed shopaholic? Then there are the finances men tend to worry about. Surviving on minimum finances and having a shopaholic wife can become a major problem. Here are seven ways in which you can tackle a shopaholic wife while saving a dent on your credit card.


Play on Mutual Agreement

How about bargaining a deal with your wife whenever the two of you go for a shopping trip? Say you go out on a shopping trip with your wife, and she allows you a boys night out with your friends. This deal works well for both of you. You have something to gain out of the shopping trip. The other benefit is that she might reduce the shopping trips as she might not want you spending time with friends every other time she shops.


Tackling with Money

This is an excellent way of preventing her from shopping. You can explain how one shopping trip can cancel out a date night or even a vacation somewhere. This way you can get her to control the expenses. Of course, you cannot control her completely, and she will shop. But, the shopping would be reduced


No Credits

When you begin paying with hard cash, you realize the financial burden you might just have to face. Start reducing her shopping trips by making her pay with hard cash every time. This way you will reduce her trips, and make her realize the amount that flows out of her hand with every shopping trip. Saying no to plastic cards can help you keep control of your expenses


Entertain Yourself

There are times when you will not be able to end the shopping trip. You will need to entertain yourself at those times. Spend good time with your kids or chit chat with fellow husbands who are going through exactly the same phenomena at the moment. Sometimes entertaining yourself will make you sweat away the time you are spending watching your wife shop.


Take Interest

Well, in case you don’t have a way out, start taking interest in the shopping. Try to give your judgment, come up with opinions, and help your wife find something suitable. It is not necessarily your interest area, but it is one of the ways to tackle the situation. You are anyway going to tag along with her on that shopping trip; might as well take some interest.

Divert her from Shopping

How about indulging them with romance and diverting their attention from shopping? You can cuddle them and romanticize them. This will get them away from the idea of shopping, and save you from attending to it. Sounds nice, does it?


The Silver Lining

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and the silver lining for shopping is that it will develop your patience. Your wife will always consider you as the doting husband as you accompany her every time. This will have its own romantic benefits.

So, use one or all of the seven ways and prevent the dent on your credit card.

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