All About Coupondesh

All About Coupondesh

Anyone who’s used coupons knows it is the simplest and the best way to save money while shopping. For many years our family used to look out for coupons and deals in the Sunday newspaper for anything from groceries to electronics. We used to have a special kitchen drawer where we used to stack them and whoever went shopping took them along. But they were not as handy as sometimes we forgot to take them along or they were already expired. So we really understand the value of these coupons especially in these tough economic times as they do help us to save as we shop.

Gone are those days when clipping coupons used to be a weekend thing as now we have access to coupons and promo deals any time of the day thanks to online coupons. No cutting or tearing, just copy and paste the special promo or coupon code onto the checkout page of the shopping website and you are good to go.

Here we would like to present before you the special and very peculiar features of

  1. Anything and everything

For starters, you get coupons, deals, discount codes for almost anything and everything starting with electronics, toys, apparel, food, furniture, appliances, jewelry, footwear, home décor, beauty, wellness, travel, gifts, flowers, books, stationery, school supplies, gadgets, health supplies, medical facilities for men, women and kids. From your everyday to occasion day needs, great discounts and coupon codes are available for various websites.

  1. Easy access

Searching for various web stores to find deals and discounts becomes an issue on many online coupon websites but not at Coupondesh. Here you can search for stores alphabetically or by discount percentage or today’s hot list. Searching for coupons and discounts by product name is also another option in which you will get a list of all the online stores that are offering discounts on that particular or similar product.

  1. Best deals

The recent and best promo deals for all the stores appear on the top and when you keep scrolling down you get the old and recently expired deals for that particular store. If you are searching for any product you would get a list of top coupons for that product. Another good part about Coupondesh is that the expiration date is also mentioned on the coupons (unlike some other coupon websites) so you know when your coupon is expiring.

  1. Stores and categories

Over 140 stores and 50 categories, Coupondesh is fast growing and its growth is good for us, the consumers as we tend to have more and more options at shopping for various products at great prices. All the stores and categories have their separate description making it easy for the consumer to navigate through the stores and finding the right product.

  1. Customer support

The customer support system at Coupondesh is really good. If you are registered with them than you stand no chance of missing out on any of the deals as they send out regular updates on best deals and top coupons. They have a FAQ’s page that tells all about coupons and how to use them. They also feature their own lifestyle blog which deals with fashion, food, travel, shopping… another positive about Coupondesh is that you can stay in touch through social networking websites be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and get regular updates.

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Aren’t these reasons good enough so let me give you one more, you save big while you shop? So, what are you waiting for, happy shopping and happy saving!