Beautiful flowers to express this Festival Season

Whether it is love, concern, gratitude, friendship or respect, beautiful flowers is the perfect way to convey what you feel. Flowers know no barrier of language or border and can reach out to everyone. Be it romance, weddings, birthdays, worship, condolence or other situations flowers have always been a part of occasions since time immemorial. Poets and lyricist have penned pretty verses expressing the beauty of flowers and how they reach out to their beloveds.

Flowers are undoubtedly the first gifting choice as they are not only lovely, can be gifted at any occasion plus are inexpensive. Flowers come in varied colors, shapes and fragrances, some possess medicinal qualities some are used in aromatherapy some are used in cuisines but all are beautiful and refreshing. Before you decide to pick some flowers for gifting it is best to know which flowers represent what and how they can be kept fresh for longer time.


Let’s take a look at some beautiful flowers that are commonly used or gifting purposes.


Bright red, pink or white, take your pick of the open heart shape flower that symbolizes hospitality and good luck. This exotic tropical flower blooms have a glossy texture and the cut flowers can last up to three weeks under appropriate conditions.


Birds of Paradise

Native to South Africa, also called Crane flowers represent joy and are best suited for gifting on special occasions like house warming, anniversary, engagement… the bright exotic flowers are offered by many online flower stores.


Carnations have been a part of ceremonial crowns since medieval times. These flowers are the perfect way to say you care and can be gifted on several occasions. Carnations symbolize love, affection and fascination. The white ones stands for good luck, the light reds for admiration and for deep love dark red carnations are perfect.


Cheerful and bright, Gerberas have a long vase life and used for decorating homes, wedding halls and hotels. Native to South Africa, these flowers resemble daisies that can be gifted on any joyous occasion.


These pretty flowers get their name from the Latin word “Gladius” which means sword, due to their long leaves. Its delicate structure and vivid colors have made Gladiolas a preferred gifting flower. They signify strength, honesty and sometimes infatuation.



These exquisite flowers are often gifted on second wedding anniversary. The beautiful flowers come in vivid colors but the white ones are often chosen as funeral flowers while the pink ones symbolize wealth and prosperity and work well as house warming gifts.


The most loved flowers around the world, roses need no explanation. They are the first gifting choice when you think about flowers. Red roses are associated with winning hearts, love and romance, yellow roses for friendship, white roses for farewell or new beginnings or to show respect. As cut flowers roses can retain their freshness and look for two to three weeks under suitable conditions.

The advent of Internet has made it easier for us to get global varieties of flowers that can simply be ordered online from various online portals like,,,,, and other online stores that deliver fresh flowers at your doorstep. These florists certainly know how to create stunning flower arrangements that expresses your feelings loud and clear. You can get flowers delivered to any part of the world and add extra goodies like cakes or chocolates to add a special touch.

Receiving beautiful flower arrangements makes one feel special and happy but when the flowers lose their beauty and start to wither off it does make one feel sad. If someone has gone that extra step just to make you feel more special by sending you lovely flowers you too can make a little extra effort and preserve them so the flowers keep looking fresh for a longer time.

A few steps and you can enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the lovely cut flowers for sometimes up to three weeks.

Cut the stems of the flowers in an angle so the veins of the flowers can take up the needed water. When you place the bouquet in a vase add a little pinch of sugar to the water so the flowers still get carbohydrates. Another trick to keep the flowers fresh for longer time is to make the water a little acidic by adding a few drops of lemon juice or white vinegar to the water. Adding copper pennies in the vase can also be effective as copper has natural anti-bacterial properties.

So the next time you order flowers online for your home or receive them you know which flower symbolizes what and how they can be kept fresh for longer adding fragrance and vibrancy to your heart and house.

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