Big and Beautiful: Plus Size Styling Trends Decoded

Fashion is not only for women who stay thin as models but also for women whose body requires them to wear plus sizes. If you are a plus size woman then you might already be dealing with awkward fashion moments where most clothes you wear are either tight or make you look even bigger than you are.

Most plus size women try to camouflage their big body parts by wearing comfortable dark color clothes that are not well structured not realizing that an unstructured dress would make them look even bigger and unflattering. Comfort is the key not only for plus size ladies but women all around the world. Comfort should be taken care of but it should not be so relaxing that you miss out on proper structured look.

Keep in mind that plus sizes do not come in similar but rather different categories as some women are heavier on the chest while some have wide hips or a large tummy.

Having a full figure is no reason for you to shy away from fashion no matter how many bad fashion moments you have had.

All you need are little tips and tricks, a little creativity and a lot of confidence and you can carry any outfit with élan. Whether you wish to cover up, conceal or complement your body you should follow these easy tips and tricks that work well for plus size.

  • Invest in well fitted bras that would give you the right support lifting your bosom up from your abdomen giving your shape a slimmer and attractive appearance.
  • Wear clothes that fit you right. They should neither be loose nor be tight as ill-fitting clothes tend to give a dowdy look. Many women do this mistake of layering up believing it will conceal the bulk but in reality it makes them look bulkier. Wear clothes that skim the curves giving a slimmer look.
  • A little skin show mostly near the neck will break the monotony of a long dress that would otherwise make you look large. A non-plunging V-neckline would be ideal for such wear.
  • The right color tone would not only make plus size women look smaller but also boost confidence. Black is the obvious choice for many but shades of gray, charcoal, brown, darker shades of blue, green red, maroon would also be flattering.
  • Stick to dress styles that suit your frame by trying on different styles and then create your personal style.
  • Flowing skirts hide big hips, V-neckline draws away attention from heavy chest, dresses or tops with ruffles help in camouflaging big neck and arms, A-line blouses help in concealing heavy stomach, long sleeves hide big arms, pants and trousers that flow down the legs and not stick to them.
  • Big bold prints make one look much heavier than the actual size. If prints are what you like to wear then go for floral, circular, figurines basically smaller prints on a dark-colored background.
  • High heels make the feet look longer and slimmer giving more height to the look. It also helps in seeing you from top to bottom rather than side to side.
  • Choose prints that makes a viewer’s eyes go vertically and not horizontally.
  • Wear accessories that match the overall size. Small accessories will make you look bigger while chunky accessories would suit you well. Also if you do like to wear delicate pieces then be sure to layer them.
  • Materials like lycra or spandex should strictly be avoided as these kind of materials make the ripples and fat folds highly visible.
  • Find a good pair of body shaper that helps level out all the dents.
  • If large arms are your problem then sleeves should always a part of your dress. The sleeves should fit freely on the arms so you can move your arms liberally.
  • When wearing a trouser never put your tummy over the top of the waist of the bottom wear. This makes the tummy more noticeable. Remember that the pant waist should fit and not contract the waist line.
  • Always dress your size, not a size smaller not a size bigger.


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