Cell Phone Accessories to maximize Usability and add Style to your phone

With new and updated smartphones available in the market today consumers leave no stones unturned to get the latest version of smartphones or tablets no matter what the price. Mobiles besides being communication devices are becoming a style statement too but what about the accessories, do they not count as a style statement?

Cell phone accessories like cell phones too have a huge market so much so that high-end fashion designers now-a-days have started designing accessories that people love to flaunt. The designer pieces itself are style statements that add an edge to any smartphone. Not only these accessories add an aesthetic appeal to the phone but also increase the usability of the cell phone in more ways than one. From outer protection through phone cases, hands free ear phones for easy communication, data plan for easy access to the Internet, portable speakers for music, SD card for extra storage, portable chargers, car chargers, glass screen protection and the likes, cell phone accessories are designed to enhance the look and use as they are stylish and user-friendly. All kinds of cell phone accessories are easily available over the Internet that too at great prices.

  • Phone Cases

Cell phone cases can change the look of any mobile as they come in various styles, colors and designs. You can get cell phone cases in all budgets, designer or local, in different materials like rubber, plastic, metal, wood and more. It is always advised to buy high quality mobile phone cases that are stylish, durable and provides protection.


  • Portable Chargers

Car chargers come in handy while travelling as users can charge their cell phones while on the go. It uses a dedicated outlet or a cigarette lighter outlet or an auxiliary plug. The battery of car provides the needed power source.

Emergency charger requires high quality batteries to charge phones and is used by people who are away from electric source usually on adventures. As the DC current in the mobile phone is higher than that present in the charger it does not fully charge the mobile phone.

Green chargers came in to existence due to the increased threats of global warming. These chargers use solar energy and can be attached to bikes to provide power supply.

  • Glass Screen Protection

Tempered glass protectors are hugely popular as they prevent the cell phone screen from cracking when the phone is accidently dropped. Tempered glass is five times stronger than regular glass as it is heated at high temperature and then cooled down quickly. It provides shock and heat resistance plus is more scratch resistant than plastic cover. Also as the material is glass it is as if you are looking at the original glass screen making the visibility clear.

  • Bluetooth Earphones

A much needed accessory for people who travel a lot as talking on phone while driving as we all know is risky and not allowed. It can not only prove dangerous for the user but other people on the road too. Bluetooth earphones are easy to use and can be configured with your device as a simple touch allows you to receive the call.

  • Portable Bluetooth Speakers

If music is your calling then portable Bluetooth speakers are a must for you. No need to put on earphones that needs to be adjusted all the time and can damage your eardrums. Just charge the speakers and carry them along for nonstop music.

  • SD Card

Secure digital card fits into your smartphone easily. It is as small as a finger nail but holds a capacity of increasing the memory of your mobile phone by many folds. Store all data, downloads, audio, video, images, develop and create presentations, download apps, whatever your need you can store it in your mobile phone with SD card. If the phone memory is full all your download and data can directly be stored on SD card and transferred to other mobile if required.

  • Data Plan

Data plan allows you easy access to the Internet through which you can download unlimited apps that help you communicate better and also stay socially active. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to stay connected and also saves your time and energy as you don’t have to be dependent on any other gadget. Pay bills, book tickets, upload videos, browse Internet, do online shopping, send and receive e-mails, do a lot more with data plan.

These cell phone accessories enhance the usability of your smart phones acting as music player or mini-computer and also giving a personality to your smart phone.

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