How, why and when about coupon codes ?

FAQ’s: How, why and when about Coupon codes

We have the answers to all your coupon queries

Q 1. What are coupons?

A. Coupons are vouchers entitling the holder to a discount on a particular product. They are an easy, fun and effective way to save some money.

Q 2. What are online promo/coupon codes?

A. Promotional codes or coupon codes, whatever you call them are basically digital coupons. It helps you save money on your order. They work just like regular coupons the difference is they are not printed coupons but a code that you enter for discounts.

Q 3. How do promo or coupon codes work?

A. When you shop online you see a box asking for promo codes or coupon codes and when you enter the code it shows you how much money you have saved on your total order or shipping costs.

Q 4. Are all coupon codes the same?

A. No. All coupon codes have different value, some offer a discount percentage off you total shopping amount, some are for specific brands and some are for free shipping.

Q 5. Are there any terms and conditions on using a promo or coupon code?

A. Just like printed coupons, online coupons have a few restrictions. All conditions must be met for the shopping cart to apply the coupon code. Promo codes also have an expiry date.

Q 6. How many types of coupon codes are available?

A. Basically coupon codes can be divided in three categories

  1. Public coupons

Online public coupons are readily available on coupon sites over the Internet. These coupons are released to everyone and anyone.

  1. Private coupons

Some online stores release private coupons that are given to a selected few people. These may be for frequent shoppers or corporate group or a certain group of people. These promo codes cannot be shared and can only be used by the person who receives it.

  1. Restricted coupons

Restricted codes can be used only by the authorized person as the computer recognizes the details and will not allow anyone else to use it.

Q 7. Where do I look for online coupons?

A. Many websites are devoted to help you find coupon codes. Also various online stores give out coupons through their newsletter or e-mails. Register with your favorite store and be the first to know about coupons and get great deals.

Q 8. Why should I use online coupon codes?

A. Online coupon codes help you save money on everything from groceries to electronics and in these tough economic times it has become important to be a smart shopper and promotional or coupon codes are the smartest way to shop online.

Q 9. Are these coupons easy to find and use?

A. The best coupon websites provide features that makes coupons not only easy to find but use too. You can search for coupons by product, store, new, expiring, popular coupons or by keyword. You can sign up for newsletters which may feature top coupons for the week or other coupon deals.

Q 10. Do all shopping websites take coupons?

A. Almost all shopping websites accepts coupons and give you good discounts.

Q 11. When do I enter the coupon code?

A. Once you finish with your online shopping, enter the coupon code during the checkout process.

Q 12. Where do I enter the coupon code?

A. The location where you enter the coupon differs from website to website. The website would ask for promo or coupon code anywhere from the ‘shopping cart’ page to the ‘billing’ page.

Q 13. How do I know that I entered the code at the right place?

A. Any box representing coupon code, promotional code, promotional discount, discount code, promo code or something similar is where you need to use the coupons.

Q 14. What if I don’t see a place to enter the coupon code?

A. Visit the ‘FAQ’ (frequently asked questions) page or the ‘Customer Service’ page to find information. If still you don’t find it anywhere on the website then mail or call at the given number to ask how to use coupons on their website.

Q 15. How will I know that the coupon is accepted?

A. Whichever coupon you are using, make sure it reflects in your total order before you confirm the purchase.

Q 16. Can I exchange the coupon for cash?

A. No, the coupon has no cash value so they cannot be exchanged for cash.

Q 17. Can I use a single coupon more than once for more deals?

A. Most coupon codes specify that they are meant for a single use only. However you can look for extra savings by looking for rebate on the item you purchased.

Q 18. Are the coupons only for specific products?

A. Coupons are available for almost all products be it Men’s FootwearInnerwear & Undergarments,  Jackets & blazersJeansMens Jewellery,  Mens Sunglasses,  Pants & TrousersPurse & Wallets,  ShirtsShorts & sleepwears,  Sportswears & TracksuitsWinterwearSweatshirts & Hoodies,  Tees & T-Shirts,  WatchesDress Material/UnstitchedDressesEthnic Wear,  Footwear, Handbags & Clutches,  Jackets & Blazers,  Jeans,  Jeggings,  Jewelery,  Jumpsuits,  Kurta & Kurtis,  Leggings,  Lehenga,  LingerieNightwearPants & TrousersSalwars & Churidars,  Sarees,   Sunglasses,  Tees, Tops & Tunics,  WatchesWinter WearCamera, video camera and Camcorders,  LED and LCD TVMass Storage devices,  MobilesMP3 and iPodsPCs and Laptops,  TabletsHome DecorHome UtilityBaby careKids Fashion & Apparels,  Toys,  BooksFlowers & GiftsRestaurants & Fastfood , Travel & Hotel.

Q 19. How can I use coupons to promote my business?

A. Coupons are a great way to attract new and retain regular customers as coupons are a highly effective sales tool.

Q 20. Will my brand cheapen if I offer coupons?

A. The coupon has nothing to do with branding but it has the power to bring a potential customer to your store as now-a-days everybody wants a good deal. Almost all brands offer coupons or deals to retain old and make new customers.