9 health tips to take charge of your lifestyle

You are what you eat: 9 health tips to take charge of your lifestyle

The only thing that defines a person’s health, growth and development is linked to the food we eat. Our diet combined with physical inactivity plays a huge role in the so called lifestyle diseases that has been crawling up beginning from fetal life and continues in to old age. Also our social, cultural and economic environment aggravates the lifestyle diseases until unless we practice healthy lifestyle.

Obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, hyper tension, depression, digestive problems, they all lead to or contribute to other lifestyle diseases that come as a result of unhealthy lifestyle.

Scientific studies suggest that these chronic diseases can be prevented or controlled by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle combined with food variety, physical activity and social interaction is the best way to live healthy. Get and select best quality food restaurants from foodpanda.com.

Including all types of food (fruits, vegetables, lean meat, less salt and sugar, healthy fats and oils), exercising (at least two hours a week) and a little gossip with a bunch of friends is good enough to keep the lifestyles diseases at bay.

Here is a list of health tips that would help you reduce the risk of contracting any or all the lifestyle disease or if you are already suffering from any than learn to manage and combat them.

  1. Fats and oils

Fried food should be strictly avoided as trimming down oils and fats from our diet will increase our chance of avoiding these diseases in the long run. Not all oils are bad as fats like Olive oil or Ghee are good for our health so better to switch to these oils for healthy heart.

Some foods like fish or chicken contain natural oils and can be cooked in their own natural oil rather than adding oil from the outside. You can switch to grilling or microwaving the food instead of frying.

  1. Cut down junk food

We have a responsibility towards ours and our family’s health. When we eat out, we are hardly aware of how the food is cooked, how much fat has been added to it, has it been washed properly or were the cook wares cleaned before preparing the food. And take care how much you have Pizza and all from Dominos’

It’s not that you shouldn’t indulge in fast food it’s just don’t make it a habit. The majority of food you eat should be home cooked and when you eat out make sure that you eat healthy.

  1. Cut down the intake of salt and sugar

Both salt and sugar are good for our taste buds but cutting down their intake is good for our health. Reducing the amount of salt in your food will result in lowering your blood pressure thus reducing your risk of heart related diseases.

Similarly, cutting down on sugar will reduce your chances of diabetes and obesity.

  1. Plant based diet with high fiber content

Including colored fruits and green vegetables in your daily diet, rich source of fiber, nuts, whole grains and cutting down on red meat has huge benefits. Some of the benefits include aids in digestion, controlling cholesterol, keeping blood sugar in level, facilitating weight loss and also anti-ageing.

  1. Stay hydrated

Our body needs water to keep functioning properly as water flushes out the toxins and helps in digestion. Drink at least two liters of water each day. It not only flushes the system but also keeps the skin glowing.

  1. Avoid alcohol and smoking

A drink or two (especially red wine) is considered healthy but not more than that. Consuming alcohol and smoking are some of the main reasons for the lifestyle diseases.

  1. Stay away from stress

Another big reason for these diseases to make a place in our life is due to the excess stress and anxiety. It is not easy to keep them away but for your own health keep stress at bay.

  1. Exercise

Exercise must be taken seriously and should be a part of our daily routine. A sedentary lifestyle poses more threat for heart problems, obesity, diabetes and other such diseases. Cardio exercises like walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or aerobics help facilitate a healthy heart. Get some good Zivame night wears for perfect exercising outfit.

  1. You are what you eat

It is a true saying as our eating habits and diet make us who we are. Healthy eating with exercising is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and live a promising life.

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