Be the entertainer of the year: 10 tips to help you throw a great party

Who doesn’t enjoy a good party but throwing a party can be extremely stressful. Why isn’t the cake baked, someone forgot to get the wine, the guests have started pouring in and you aren’t dressed…there are a 101 things that can go wrong spoiling not only the party but losing your sanity over the issue.

Just take a breather, throwing a great party isn’t rocket science it’s all about management and in the end how well you entertain your guests, making them feel special. The party would last only a night but for that night to be a remembrance someone needs to take charge of the chores.

Here are 10 practical tips to a great party

  1. Work out a schedule

Start planning your get together atleast 10 days to a week in advance.  Keep aside a day to clean your place, a day to make a list of all you want, give a day to outdoor work, deciding on the guest list and menu.

Plan in advance how much time would you need to prep, decorate, serve on the party day and add an extra hour to each so you are not stuck in the kitchen while your guests arrive.

  1. Diversify your cooking

Experiment with the menu by adding a variety of dishes but stick to only those that you can confidently pull off. Do not stress yourself by trying out new recipes but stick to the tried and tested ones that you know turns out to be delicious.

Keep more of finger food or bite size pieces for snacks so they are easy to eat and pass around. Keep the food simple but delicious.

  1. Make a list and tap it on the fridge door

Put your menu and schedule where you can see it. Don’t try to remember it or keep it on your phone. Write it on a paper and stick it to the fridge magnet. Tick off the chores that have been completed so you will know what else is remaining.

  1. Outsource

Not everything has to be done by you. Outsource the work to your friends and family like decorations, arranging the table, chopping the vegetables, ordering food and so on.

There is nothing wrong in asking for help and if you don’t have help at home than just order the food from outside saving you prep and clean up time.

  1. Make what you can ahead

There might be a few elements in your menu that can be made ahead a day or two. Either making the sauce or side dips, chopping of vegetables and herbs, marinating the meat. It would make it easier for you to assemble the menu on the day of the party.

  1. Decorations

You don’t have to go overboard with decorations. Simple and inexpensive stuff like flowers, candles can change a look of any place giving it an atmosphere of calm or fun, the way you want it.

  1. Table settings

With so much going on, you wouldn’t want to worry about setting the table at the last moment. So you can set it the night before when you still have time to make sure everything is placed perfectly. Set the napkins, plates, cutlery, serving platters everything you need to serve and plate so there is no last minute rush to bring them out.

  1. Guest list

The key to a good party is putting together a great guest list like-minded people who will never let the conversation get boring. Try to bring together some old and new friends so everyone gets to meet different set of people but make sure there is no awkwardness between the guests as it can spoil any party.

  1. Seating arrangements

If there are more than a couple of people than it is better to place name cards. This ways there would be no confusion with seating arrangements and also you can mix a bunch of people and let the party flow.

  1. Be prepared

Buy yourself extra snacks and booze so in case you are not done with the preparations when your guests arrive you can simply serve a platter of nibbles, pour some wine and let the party begin. Don’t forget to have fun as it is your party and you should enjoy it as much as your guests do.

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