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Fashion or Style; what’s your pick?

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same”…. Coco Chanel

Fashion to some is just about pretty clothes, but those who live it, breathe it know better.

A woman we find stylish might not necessarily be the woman of fashion. She might not be following the latest trends in fashion but making her own rules.

Fashion is not restricted to the clothes we wear but is way beyond and includes shoes, bags, accessories, make up and all the looks.

But what about personal style, where does it fit in?

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Wearing what suits your body type, that makes you feel confident yet comfortable is what personal style is all about.

Most of us get confused between fashion trends and personal style, but it’s not our fault. We haven’t given it much thought really as our daily dose of fashion comes either from watching television or leafing through fashion magazines.

It is good fun to leaf through the pages of high fashion magazines or watching fashion shows as they do give an idea about what is new in the fashion market. But is that trend for me?

When an issue of a fashion magazine or a fashion show host says, “Purple is hot this season” do make a note of it but do not stock your wardrobe with purples if you don’t look well in them. I am pretty sure that in one of the next few issues they would be raving about some other color. It’s the same with every other thing that falls under the fashion category.

It’s not that the fashion editors are misguiding us but it’s just that the fashion designers come out with new collection every season and obviously it has to be something different so fashion changes every season and the editors are doing their job by keeping us informed about the latest in the fashion world. It is completely up to us which trend we want to follow.

Unfortunately too many women get confused when it comes to style and dressing. I remember going to a fashion show in summers showing the fall collection where some of the ladies were dressed in “The new fall collection” ordered from the fashion shows held earlier this season.

Hello! What were you thinking ladies?

Wearing the latest designer collection only with the idea that it is what fashion is all about does not make you a fashionista.

So what does one needs to do to be fashion forward?

Well for starters developing your personal style is a good idea.

You should understand your body. What parts you want to highlight and which ones you want to conceal. What color suits you, what makeup trend defines your face or what kind of prints defines your body.

It is not that difficult, just be a little experimental in your dressing and do try to take advice from someone who can appreciate the look or pin point the mistake. Small suggestions can be of great help.

Fashion is great fun as long as you play with it and not the other way round. Following fashion trends blindly, without even giving it a thought that is this trend for me, you cannot turn up well dressed.

So, now we know that to be a stylish person in the making one need to

  1. Not follow fashion trends blindly
  2. Know your body type
  3. Experiment with styles
  4. Have fun with fashion
  5. Wear it with confidence

Let’s see what else we need…

Being well dressed or keeping it stylish begins with your mind. It is actually a mind game. When you understand how you want to look, you work towards it. And if you can say ‘yes’ to some fashion and ‘no’ to some it means you are working towards figuring out your personal style.

If you still don’t know what suits you well but realize what does not suit you that too is a step forward.

You don’t need to be a runway model to carry clothes in style but yes maintaining your body or rather keeping it fit would do wonders to boost your confidence level. And when you feel confident about yourself you can carry anything you wear with panache.

Another important mistake that some of us tend to do is not able to distinguish when to wear what.

Formal wear needs to be for work places and casual wear should be barred until unless your work atmosphere calls for it. Being stylish is always good but going overboard makes us look desperate for attention. So, you need to understand where to put a full stop.

If you don’t feel confident about what suits you, never hesitate to go up to the store clerk to seek advice. They might be able to help you giving you a fresh view about what suits you or what not.

Or if you like to shop online (I love it too, it’s so easy and so quick and the choices are limitless. Oh I can go on and on about the perks of online shopping) then too you have the option of talking to their in-house style consultant.

Even after all these enlightened style tips you still feel a little stumped then go out there and hire a fashion consultant for yourself.


Don’t be surprised about it.

All the celebrities you see have their personal stylist at call. It is the stylist’s job to assemble a look starting from the clothes, shoes, make-up, hair and the accessories. The complete look…

Agreed, you don’t need a personal stylist 24×7, but you can hire a consultant who would help you understand your style. The stylist would help you shop what suits you, they would help you get a complete makeover be it your hairstyle, your clothes or accessories. And it would be of immense help as being stylish does makes one feel confident. When you know you are well dressed, you automatically feel good about yourself and it lifts your mood too.

Try to find more about yourself, what trends you prefer, what fragrances you like, how you want to look and then eventually incorporate in.

You go for it girl, reinvent your style!

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