Get ready to detox post- Deepawali

The festivals of lights sees us spring cleaning our house pre Deepawali, celebrating with friends and family during the festival, but what when we are done with the festivities?

Deepawali is the perfect time to indulge as we bring in the festival with good cheer, fire crackers and loads and loads of sweet and savory dishes. Just when Diwali is around the corner we can smell the familiar aroma of chaklis, gujhiyas, barfi, kheer and other dishes in almost all households. The temptations are always close at hand and it comes as no surprise that we do over indulge how much we try not to.

Between all the celebrations and cheers, it does become impossible to keep yourself away from the beautiful sweet and savory snacks and once the festivities are over the guilt of not holding back, consuming those extra calories does set in.

Feeling guilty is not going to help you burn those unwanted calories but detox might.

What exactly is detoxification?

Detoxification simply means flushing out the toxins from our body and letting the good in. If your body is not used to digesting such high quantity of sweetmeats and fried food then it might clog your system. Your body calls for a break and by detoxifying you are giving yourself that much needed break.

Is a detox diet post Diwali a good option?

Traditionally Deepawali is all about detox. We detox our house by cleaning it from one end to another, letting go of old and not in use things, bring in new clothes, cutlery and other items. Similarly our mind and body both need detox by letting go of guilt and anxiety, cutting down on heavy food and keeping healthy with detoxifying and exercising.

How to detox?

  • Reduce sugar intake

If you have had more than your share of sweets, then your body might be suffering from an overload of sugar. Avoid sugar as much as you can for at least three to five days. Restrict your sugar intake and satisfy your sugar cravings with natural sugars found in fruits. Try not to put sugar in beverages like tea or coffee if possible.

  • Cut back on oil

Cut back the amount of oil in dals and vegetables, also do not put butter or ghee on rotis for a few days. Stay away from fried food completely, try baking or grilling your food so it feels lighter. Eat light and frequent meals especially for dinner.

  • Fruits and vegetables

Green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, green salad should be your best friends for a couple of days post Diwali. The more you eat fresh fruits and vegetables the faster your body detoxifies. Stay away from meat when following the detox diet.

  • Increase your water intake

Luke warm water flushes out more toxin than hot or cold water. It’s important to keep yourself hydrated as it improves the metabolic function. Do not gulp down water but keep sipping it throughout the day. Start you day with a lukewarm glass of water with a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey in it. Try consuming a minimum of 2 litres of water every day.

  • Green tea

The next best thing after water to help you flush out those toxins is green tea as it is full of anti-oxidants catechins. Researches have shown that the chemicals in green tea can increase the production of detoxification enzymes in us.

  • Fill up on fibre

Fibre is one of the best natural detoxifying agents as it sweeps down all the collected debris in the intestines. Choose food that are rich in fibre especially grains like cracked wheat, red unpolished rice, millets etc. Psyllium husk otherwise known as isabgol,when taken with a glass of water helps in regularizing bowel movement.

  • Chew your food right

When we chew our food properly it mixes well with the saliva making it alkaline which is our body’s natural pH. When we don’t chew our food it stays longer in our gut causing indigestion and bloating.

  • Exercise

The high calorie intake during the festival and the lack of exercising would have taken its toll on your body. Your body needs some movement and the best way is to get in to your exercise regime as soon as possible post Diwali.

  • Pamper yourself

The late night card parties, the binge eating and the disturbed routine, you need a detox break before you get in to your regular schedule. Pamper yourself by booking in to a spa and come out refreshed and rejuvenated for the days ahead.

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