Get ready to enjoy the monsoon…

Aren’t we all just waiting to get drenched in the rain showers? The beautiful weather, the cool breeze, long drives with eating corn on the cob at the roadside and what a relief from the scorching heat…

But these soothing rains come with a host of problems for us and our house. But not to worry, with these simple tips we are going to face the monsoon head on and enjoy it till it lasts.

Put your best fashion foot forward

The refreshing rains are quiet capable of enhancing our moods but dampening our wardrobe. However, that should not stop us from being our fashionable self.

  • Get the look with plastic and rubber

Add glamour to your look with funky accessories like watches, bags or boots. Skip the leather and go for plastic or rubber material that would keep you stylish and not spoil your accessories.

  • Go neon

Flashy and scintillating is what the monsoon demands. Brighten your sunless day by adding neon colors to your dressing. The brightness of your look is sure to enliven the gloomy rainy atmosphere.

  • Fun in the rain

Raincoats, umbrellas and boots, get the rainwear out and get out in style. Funky, psychedelic, geometrical, get those prints going on your rainwear.

Don’t let the fear of ruining your look in rains get you. Instead, give yourself a monsoon makeover and keep it stylish.

Stay healthy and enjoy the showers

Temperature fluctuate everyday making it easier for us to catch infection. Our digestion becomes weaker during monsoon affecting our metabolism, making us cranky and irritated.

The seasonal change affects our body and causes hair loss, acidity and skin problems.

Monsoon is the best season to detox and restore the balance in our body and with these tips you will be prepared to deal with the monsoon stress but it can’t be said about water logged road and bad traffic.

  • Eat light

Digestion gets affected during rainy season so the key is to eat light. Keep it as simple as possible and stay away from the road stalls.

  • Water intake

Do not cut down your water intake even if you don’t feel thirsty. Avoid drinking water outside, carry your own water bottle and if need be drink only bottled water.

  • Avoid sour

Sour food aggravates the body and leads to acidity. So to stay away from acidity, stay away from sour food.

  • Salt

Excess of salt intake leads to water retention and obviously hypertension.

  • Dairy products

Limit your consumption of milk, curd, butter milk, cottage cheese.

  • Watch and wash the greens

Wash the green leafy vegetables before consumption as rainy season is not the best season to eat greens.

  • Seasonal fruits

Enjoy seasonal fruits like bananas, cherries, apples or pomegranate.

  • Cooking oil

Switch to lighter oils like olive or sunflower. Heavy oils like mustard and sunflower should be avoided for better digestion during monsoons.

  • Exercise light

Opt for swimming or walking and avoid heavy exercising.

  • Wet clothes

Sometimes it is unavoidable to get wet, but make sure to get out of wet clothes as they can lead to fungus or skin infection.

Rain proof your house

Not only is it necessary to be monsoon ready for your body but also your house. Not only the exterior but the interior of your house also needs to be prepared to deal with the dampness. A few simple readjustments to brighten up your house when those skies turn gray and your house is ready to take on the rains.

  • Exterior walls

White wash the exterior walls of the house with water-sealant and top it up with water-proof paint to avoid rain damage.

  • Doors and windows

Wooden doors swell up during the monsoon, ask your carpenter to fix the loose hinges or remove the swelled door with sandpaper.

Metal framed windows should be repainted with water-proof paint to prevent rusting.

  • Safe wiring

Ask your electrician to conceal all the wires and check all the electrical connections.

  • Drains

Get your plumber to check for clogging and clearing of all the drains including the balcony and terrace before the rains arrive.

  • Interior

Roll up the carpets and store them in plastic sheets, take off the heavy summery curtains and change them with light curtains so you get as much sun as possible.

Moisture dampens wooden and leather furniture, so make sure you keep them clean and dry. Also, keep out all the plants to decrease the dampness.

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