Going for a photo-shoot?

Going for a photo-shoot? Amazing tips on makeup and posing

Ever wondered how models look so stunning at the same time carefree in photographs?

Agreed, the photographer has it in their hands to turn the table around and models have a whole team behind them from make up to hair to clothes, but then also it is hard work. Being a model it is their work to show the meaning of the picture or campaign through right poses.

If you are planning for a photo shoot, then here are some simple make up and posing tips to make you look stunning in front of the lens.

# Make up

  • Moisturize- the first thing to do is moisturize your face and leave it for a few minutes. It would make your skin look plumper and absorb the foundation easily.
  • Concealer- use a light concealer (a shade lighter than your skin) and blend it using a blending brush.
  • Foundation- use a creamy foundation and add a drop of water to get that smooth finish. The smooth combination of the concealer and foundation will hide the imperfections. Just blend it properly so it does not show on your face.
  • Blusher- a softer shade on the apple of your cheeks and if you wish dust it with a little glitter.
  • Eye shadow- powdered eye shadow is better to use as a cream based shadow can settle into the creases of the lid. Use a brush to apply the eye shadow. In day time use neutral colors and darker shades for the evening.
  • Eyeliner- use gray, brown, green or blue eyeliner (whatever suits your complete look) so that it attracts attention to your eyes. Wear it on your upper eye lid as close to the lashes as possible. Use a pencil eye liner for a well-blended look and while applying on the bottom lid wear it from the outer corner for just one-third of the way. Do not forget to apply mascara on your eye lashes for beautiful looking eyes.
  • Blot and not powder- for a blended look use blotting paper instead of powder. The paper bag look that comes with using too much powder is as unappealing as a shiny look. A glow is very appealing and makes one look more youthful in appearance.
  • Practice till you succeed- experiment with different shades and try them on often till you get that perfect look. Visit a makeup store and get your makeup done there, take a selfie and then practice the same at home.

# Photo shoot

  • Be aware of your poses- good models give out a message with their body and not captioning it. When posing for a photo shoot, you should be aware of what you have to portray through your body language and expressions.
  • Act naturally- act natural and confident at the same time. It should show on your face how easy you are feeling while posing. Maintain a gap between your body and limbs because keeping your limbs close to your body will make you look awkward and fatter than you are.
  • Good posture- maintain a good posture for every pose you give. Keep your back straight and hold your shoulders back to appear taller and thinner. It’s important to feel confident while posing because if you don’t it will show in your face and the lens would capture it.
  • Lighting- although this department is for the photographer to manage then too the way you pose still affects the lighting of your body. You don’t have to go in depth understanding the lighting and effect but a basic know how just enough for you to know how to pose so as to avoid unwanted shadow on your body.
  • Theme- the theme of the photo shoot has to be considered while giving the poses. But these basic tips should be taken in to account when posing.

So now you know, when posing in front of a camera you have to be camera ready. Practice both make up and posing in front of a mirror till you get it right and then voila you are ready to rock the photographic world.

Lights, camera, action!

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