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Calling myself a shopaholic would not be right but yes I do love to shop and am a sucker for great deals. I would call myself an experimental shopper as I do not hesitate to try out different styles but the only problem in being experimental is that you should get a plethora of choices to choose from and trust me it is not possible when you are living in a small town. So I am basically your small town girl with high aspirations who is a total fashionista (it’s not only me but the people around me do call me that;) but then again a fashionista needs to be on top of her game and it did became a task for me until I discovered the world of online shopping and the rest as they say is history…

It was a chance day and as luck would have it I was just browsing the Internet looking for celebrities who always keep it stylish (looking for a cheat sheet to copy their look) when I stumbled across this beautiful dress at Jabong dresses for ladies and ladies I for once was hooked for life (yes Jabong does deliver to small towns too). It’s been more than a year since I have gone out for shopping at other places as Jabong satiates my thirst for experimental global fashion just fine. Well you don’t believe me no issues try out online shopping at Jabong tops, tees, tunics, bags, footwear and everything else to get hooked.

My personal favorite is the Jabong Deals of the day where one can score a bargain across varied fashion categories plus accessories such as Jabong mobile covers and I can say so for sure as I have been there done that with Jabong offers especially footwear as it has always been my weakness as I can’t resist a good pair of high heels and also Jabong Nike shoes for a good workout. This is similar to snapdeal dil ki deals.

Well you might be thinking that it’s only fashion that gives me a kick but you are wrong there, as there are other things too that excite me just as shopping does and those are books, music and adventure. Talking about adventure reminds me of this one trip to the mountains that got all my friends super excited to join in (and there too Jabong came out the winner) as I was the one who had to get all good stuff that included shopping for the trip.  All I did was logon and order for Jabong Puma shoes, backpacks, jeans, Jabong t-shirts and we were good to go but…I know what you are thinking… but no we did go and had a rocking time.

Let me share another personal shopping experience with you. One of my friends got engaged to be married recently and you know us girls how we are always crying about how we have nothing to wear, so the whole drama was going on and I was just busy with the Jabong app looking for Jabong Biba, kurti sale, lehengas and saree sale when she totally lost it. I being the fashion savior (in this case Jabong;) jumped right in between the melodrama and showed her some amazing Jabong jewellery, earrings, lehengas, sarees, handbags, watches and other stuff that was on offer at amazing prices and as you can understand girl to girl the day was saved thanks to the amazing deals and Jabong coupons.

So here’s a little advice, one shopper to another, try Jabong and shop till you drop (not literally as you are shopping from the comforts of your own place, must say an added advantage of online shopping).

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