It’s all about Love

One of the post powerful emotions a human being can experience is Love and the most surprising fact about love is that nobody knows what exactly it is. Love cannot be seen but can only be experienced or felt. It is difficult to fall in and out of love easily. There are so many expressions used to describe love but what exactly is Love?

What is Love?

Love is used to express one’s feeling for either a person (I love you) or for things (I love ice-cream), basically to show affection towards someone or something that you adore. Love is a state of being that comes from within and has nothing to do with the outer things. Love is the purest of emotions unless it becomes a rage.

States of Love

Love is of different kinds as you feel love for your partner or for your family or for your friend or for things. Love felt for different people under different situations can be categorized in seven different kinds of feelings called states of love by the ancient Greeks.

  1. Storge: natural affection, love for your family
  2. Philia: love felt for friends
  3. Eros: erotic or sexual love that can be either positive or negative
  4. Agape: unconditional or divine form of love
  5. Ludus: playful or childish love
  6. Pragma: love between couples
  7. Philautia: love for self that can be either positive or negative

Love a mix of emotions

Although we use the term “Love” in every other context but we actually get confused with different emotions we want to express. For example instead of saying ‘I love ice-cream’ we can say ‘I enjoy ice-cream’ or when we say ‘I love travelling’ we mean ‘I have a passion for travelling’. Enjoy, passion, pleasure, loving all the words describes different emotions but we tend to confuse them with love. If we choose our words wisely that we use to describe our emotions or feelings we would ourselves eventually recognize the difference between our emotions.

Love is a personal interpretation that does not have a fixed meaning. The mixed emotions attached to love are difficult to understand and much more difficult to express to the person you feel about. It is highly impossible to express your love in just one word. When we add a few creative words to the expression of love, it brings out the emotions or feeling you want to describe. These words create a memory or an agreement for a lifetime.

Interaction of Love

Love can be experienced by a single person but it only finds the true meaning when it is recognized, shared and reciprocated. The interaction of love between two people can only begin if it is based on truth, trust and respect. These are the essentials for your love to mutually grow and eventually feel strongly towards each other.

Falling in love is very easy as it said that you can fall in love at the drop of a hat, the difficulty is to stay in love. If you find it difficult to stay in love than it is not your true love but an experience of love. There are many things said about true love and one of them that rings true is love is beautiful and if you don’t find it beautiful than you are not in love. Sometimes love fades away and sometimes you have to force yourself to keep away from it.

A loving healthy relationship can change many aspects of your life be it mental, emotional or physical. For many of us finding the right person who can bring happiness in our lives seems like a daunting task but once you recognize what love is and how it works you eventually try to understand it in a better way. First and foremost you need to understand that relationships are never perfect and have to be constantly worked upon to keep it healthy and strong. Just because you have a history of not so successful relationships doesn’t mean it’s the end of all. When looking for love, forget what you think should be right or what people around you say about love and just ask yourself if it feels right to you. Forget you predetermined sets of expectations and take a plunge in love.

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