The layman’s guide to 5 basic relationship problems and their solutions

There is not a single relationship that does not go through rough patches. Every relationship has its ups and downs and if you recognize them in time than you might have a better chance of struggling less when these rough patches actually show up.

Successful couples who value each other make it a point to hang in there and face the problem hand in hand. The complexities of everyday life can be worked by counseling, reading self-help books, attending seminars or learning by your own mistakes.

Here are the 5 basic relationship problems that come up in every couple’s life.

  1. Communication

Poor communication is the root of all relationship issues. You cannot communicate to your partner if you are busy using your smart phone or watching television.

Work out

  • When spending time with each other, make it a point to put your cell phone on vibrate. Put the kids to bed, your phone on silent and switch off that television. Just concentrate on each other even if it only for 15-20 minutes.
  • Set up some rules like unless one person finishes of the talk the other will not interrupt. If you have a habit of raising your voice then go to a public place like a park or restaurant where you have to keep your voices down.
  • Show interest in what your partner is saying and keep aside any work that you are doing to let your partner know you are all ears.
  1. Sex

A lack of sexual awareness and education can make even the most compatible couple a mismatch. Sometimes not enough time for each other or busy with kids also kills the sexual desire. Don’t give up on sex as it brings the partner closer together whether it’s emotionally or physically.

Work out

  • If you two are not getting enough time with each other due to any reason, plan a date during daytime as till night both of you might be tired. Take help from friends or family to manage the kids for an hour or two and you guys sneak out to have some fun.
  • Ask or tell your partner what you truly like to make the sex more pleasurable.
  • If the problems cannot be resolved by you two then seek medical help by consulting a sex therapist.
  1. Home chores

Now-a-days both the partners work outside home and sometime even more than one job. The household chores also require attention and it is important to divide the chores equally.

Work out

  • Be clear about your respective home chores from the beginning and try to stick to it.
  • Be open to other solutions and work on it together.
  • One of you can handle the outside chores like laundry, yard, gardening and other can work on the inside.
  1. Conflict

Occasional disagreements are a part and parcel of a relationship so try to take it with a pinch of salt. But if it becomes a part of the daily life then you need to mend up before it crosses the line.

Work out

  • Learn to argue in a civil manner not hitting each other with remarks that are below the belt.
  • Ask yourself while you are still arguing that the comments you are making are for resolving the issue or you are giving something back.
  • Don’t make an ego issue and apologize when you are in the wrong.
  • Change your fight strategy if your response brings more pain and hurt each time you argue.
  1. Money

Money issues can crop up anytime and it is important to sit down and discuss about money matters clearly.

Work out

  • Be honest about your financial status from the beginning.
  • Do not bring up money matters in the middle of a heated conversation. It can be truly hurtful.
  • If one partner is a saver and other a spender then do not blame each other but learn to balance and understand the benefits of both.
  • Construct a joint budget for savings.
  • Allow each other to have financial independence.
  • Don’t hide either your income or your debts.
  • Decide upon the goals and the money required to fulfill not only personal but family goals too.

All these issues can be worked upon only if you both are willing to work on your relationship. It is only you who can understand and address the problems and find a solution to it to enjoy a healthy and happy relationship.

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