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So you like to dance? Let’s get started…

An art, a form of expression, social interaction, exercise or spiritual expression, whatever the reason be, dance has caught up big and how. Passion for some, fun for some, some can dance, some cannot but whatever it is, dancing is entertaining.

Considered as a hobby, dance is now-a-days one of the most lucrative profession. Also incorporated in the form of exercise, dance therapy helps not only to keep in shape but also helps cope with mental stress.

Representing culture, tradition or just expressing one self, different type of dance forms is transforming the very idea of dancing. Each and every dance form has their unique identity and has a different appeal to it. From social interaction to fitness workouts, dance has made its place everywhere.

Ballroom dance

Once considered only for the socialites or the privilege class, ballroom dancing is now popular as it is followed in various forms in the competitive dance shows. This dance form includes many other forms under it.

  • Cha-cha-cha- simply called the cha-cha, a Latin American dance -style that is very rhythmic with fast as well as slow moves.
  • Jive- another Latin American dance form that has been inspiring dancers since the 30’s.
  • Tango- it takes two to tango and is one of the dance styles that have high energy attached to it.
  • Waltz- a beautiful form of dance that is danced to slow music requires grace and delicate movements.
  • Foxtrot- as the name suggests, foxtrot combines slow and fast steps together and is named after the actor Harry Fox.
  • Rumba- a sensual dance, based on slow hip movements known for its dance steps coordinated on slow rhythm.
  • Samba- the traditional style samba is different from the ballroom style but is beautiful and energetic in all its forms.
  • Paso Doble- another Latin dance style, based on the sounds and movement used in Spanish bullfights.
  • Mambo- known as the root of the salsa dance, mambo dance form uses many steps that are complex in origin.
  • Salsa- flirtatious partner dance that is very sensual and has its roots in Cuba, Puerto Rico and Latin America. Salsa is influenced by many other dance forms like the Mambo, Rumba and the likes.
  • Merengue- the partners need to be in close position as there are many intricate steps to this dance form.
  • Lambada- a Brazilian dance form that is both sexy and stylish and can be performed as a couple or in a group.
  • Bachata- similar to the Merengue, Bachata is a romantic dance form from the Dominican Republic.

Ballet Dance

Many dance genres are based on Ballet. It uses music and dance to tell stories and has the ability to transport the audience to a different world. Classical, neo classical and contemporary are its three forms that have evolved from performance to concert dance.

Belly Dance

A beautiful form of dance originated in ancient Egypt and the Middle East, belly dance involves the use of circular movements performed by the abdomen and the hips. The dancer needs to be really flexible to perform this dance form. Belly Dance form is being incorporated in many fitness programs as it is a great way to stay in shape.

Jazz Dance

Born from the African-American culture, jazz is an energetic dance form with graceful steps that often uses bold, dramatic body movements. It is a fun dance style that leaves space for creativity but relies heavily on its originality.

Country-Western Dance

Performed with country or western music, this social dance style can be performed as a couple or in a group. The partner base dances are Two Steps, Waltz, Polka whereas the group based dances include Line dance, Square dance, Modern Western Square dance and so on.

Folk Dance

Every country and region has their unique folk dances that are performed in group at social events. From India to Scotland, the folk dances have their own beauty and charm.

Hip-Hop Dance

A street dance style, Hip-Hop is a combination of dance moves with a lot of attitude. Break dance is the first innovation of this dance form which now includes locking, popping, krumping and other such styles.

Tap Dance

Using their feet like drums to create rhythmic pattern and beats, dancers wear special tap shoes that make a tapping sound. The shoes are tapped against a hard surface that creates a percussive sound as the dancers are considered musicians. It has its roots in the African American dancing.

Traditional Indian Dance

With a wide variety of dances ranging from folk to classical, Indian dances vary with region and culture. Each dance form has their distinct style with costume and get up that helps them portray stories.

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