Lipsticks do the Talking! Know What They Say

Every woman has a shade that she dedicates for good times. It’s her lucky lipstick shade, and she cannot move out of her home without putting on that shade, and smacking her lips. Colors of lipstick divulge different shades of your personality. They tell people who you are, and what you believe in. Each color has its personality!

The Deep Red

Red talks passion! If you love red, you are the passionate sorts who are full of energy all the while. This color is called sexy and sensuous by a lot of people. Red lipstick commands respect, and duly so.

The Girly Pink

Pink is a very feminine color, denoting the dominating female side of yours. This color talks of happiness and compassion. If you wear pink, this means you have a great love life. Flaunt pink, and stay full of life and happiness.

Peachy Lips

Peach lips are rare and unique. You don’t find a lot of girls putting on the peach lipstick. If you are one of those who love commanding peach shades on their lips, you are unique. You take command of your life, and rule it the way you believe it to be. Peach lips make you a distinct personality.

Passion Purple

Purple lips look a bit out of place, but when applied properly, they make your lips look beautiful. Purple lipstick reveals that you are brave and there is an adventurous side to you that’s pretty dominant. Strong headed woman with a lot of confidence ruling within dare to color their lips purple. There is also a certain mystery surrounding these women.

Plush Orange

Orange lips are indeed cool! It might not suit every one of you. Not everyone can carry around an orange lipstick the way it should be carried. It’s feisty, and the shades it possesses are brilliant. You need to dare orange to make it look bright and nice. You have a bold personality mixed with a wild attitude if you love to wear an orange lipstick. The shade says a lot about your adventurous nature.

Nude Shades

A lot of you do not like wearing a dark lipstick. You prefer wearing something that is decent and nice. Some of you love carrying around a nude shade that perfectly matches the color of your lips. It is not really a bad shade. Women who wear nude shades are considered to be more approachable than the others. These women are known to be modest, down to earth and completely easy going. If you wear nude lipsticks as a regular, you are displaying a calm and cool personality.

Shimmer your Lips

If you love coloring your lips with shades of shimmer, it simply dictates an outgoing personality. This means you are more vivacious and bubbly than most women. Shimmer shade lovers are known to attract more attention as they are easy going and lovable.

So, what shade do you wear to work or party? Know your personality with the lipstick you use to color your lips.

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