Listen to your body and act on it now

We have a tendency of taking things for granted and it begins with our own health. It is not an exaggeration but truth and only the truth especially with women. Women folk are so busy managing the home and work front that when their own health takes a back seat they simply don’t realize it until it’s too late.

Our body serves us well and when something is amiss it starts giving us signals that most of us ignore till it becomes unbearable. Our body communicates to us through emotions, intuitions, pains and aches but we are so busy with other more important chores that our own wellness comes at the last of the list.

Wake up Ladies!!!

It’s time to wake up and take notice of yourself first before anything else. Agreed you are the one who takes care of everyone and everything at home and work, people are dependent on you for many things but what if you get unwell? Everything would be disrupted, right?

So when you know this then why play with your own health, if you take care of yourself then only you can take care of everything else.

Health is not only the physical aspect but it includes the mental and spiritual aspect too. Total wellness of the mind, body and soul is what makes a person healthy and hearty. For you to enjoy the full benefits of health you have to listen to your body and follow a few steps.

Invest in your Health

  • Difficulty in sleeping or waking up

Sleep deprivation or excessive sleep both affect metabolic and neurological functions and are associated with many health diseases. Lack of sleep leads to low energy that further leads to less concentration and mood swings while other sleep orders are associated with higher risk of heart disease, obesity, blood pressure and diabetes.

  • Constant aches and pains

Due to the stressful environment and unhealthy lifestyle regular headaches or back aches might go unnoticed. If it becomes a constant companion then it cannot be due to working too hard or a routine thing. If your body is giving you signs then it is a clear indication that you need to do something about it. It can be as small as a diet or exercise change or visit a doctor for some tests.

  • Failing the tests

If your health tests results are constantly above the limit you need to make positive changes in your diet and exercise regime. Healthy living is more or less based on healthy eating and you should make the changes required without further delay.

  • Excessive body weight or body image

Diet plays a vital role in weight loss or gain. Exercise and movement are also very important but nutrition leads the way for successful weight management. Eating low calorie food or avoiding food is not the right way of losing weight. In fact not eating or crash dieting is the unhealthiest way as it deprives you of the nutrition creating hormonal imbalance and slow metabolism.

Eating right at the right time is the key factor here to maintain your weight and have a good body image.

  • In love with your gadgets

Technology as we all know has helped us reach far and wide but with benefits comes drawbacks too. If you too like million others are glued to your gadgets then health problems are not far behind. The main health concerns include less concentration, lethargy, weak eyes, loss of interest in other things and more.

All these health issues become a concern especially when young people are involved as their lack of concentration in studies and other things may affect their future.

  • Fine lines and bags

If you start noticing fine lines on your face or bags under your eyes it is a clear indication of aging skin. Although aging is an unavoidable matter but it can be delayed with nutritional food, exercise and sometimes anti-aging supplements. Include lots of vitamins and fiber in your everyday diet to delay the aging process.

  • Eating out often

The trend of eating out or processed food is on a high and if you are doing it regularly then not only are you spending whole lot of money but also putting your health at risk. Home cooked food is best as you use fresh and clean ingredients that can be cooked in a healthy way.

Listen to the whispering of your body before it becomes screams. Do not avoid your health instead keep your health on the priority list as you keep well then only you can maintain the rest.


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