Litmus test ! Are you the shopaholic type? 11 signs that tell you more about you

Buying on impulse is one thing but when you buy out of compulsion, it is the first sign that you might be dealing with something serious here.

There is a huge difference between enjoying shopping and feeling a compulsion to go out there and shop just to satisfy your urges regardless your financial situation or whether you need something or not. The Compulsive Buying Disorder is just like any other impulse control issue like binge eating or gambling that later on creates emotional and financial distress.

If you are having any such doubts about yourself or a loved one, here are 11 signs that will tell you are you the shopaholic type.

  1. Shopping gives you a rush of excitement

An adrenalin rush that gives a high not by owning but by purchasing something is what you experience. A brain chemical, dopamine, associated with pleasure is released in waves when a shopper considers buying something and mind you this high can be addictive.

  1. Unopened and tagged items are sitting on your shelf

How often you open your closet and see the unopened and tagged items that you bought just for the heck of it are sitting on your shelf. There might even be item that you bought and forgot about them and now they are just lined up on the shelf.

  1. Shopping cheers you up on all occasions

Compulsive shopping usually is to fill a void in your life, be it loneliness, to take you out of guilt or just to lighten your mood after an argument. Research says that shopaholics tend to suffer from eating disorders and mood disorders too.

  1. You are always financially constrained

When you recognize that the money you have should go in savings but out of compulsion you shop till you drop then surely things are going out of hand.

  1. You buy things that are of no use to you

If you are easily tempted to buy items that you know are of no use to you or you already have a stock of it at your house then too you buy just because you got a good bargain or couldn’t stop yourself from splurging on it then get the idea that you are obsessed with shopping. If you keep buying similar kinds of items in various shapes and colors that you know you can do without then shopaholic you are.

  1. Shopping comes first

If entering a shopping mall gives you a rush and it is one of your favorite thing to do and it is affecting your other hobbies or work then it is serious. If you keep browsing the Internet or shopping malls instead of being productive then you know you have a problem.

  1. You get depressed or feel anxious when you haven’t shopped for days

If you feel on the edge just because you haven’t shopped for a couple of days you really need to get help. Researchers say that shopaholics tend to feel “out of sorts” if they don’t get their dose of shopping and it reflects on their health.

  1. Shopping is your stress buster

It is true that retail therapy does act as a stress buster but if it is your only stress buster then you are going wrong somewhere. If it is only shopping that calms your nerves after a hectic day then it is going beyond your control.

  1. You feel embarrassed about your shopping habits

If you hide your purchase from your family or if they have started commenting on how frequently you shop or you have stated lying about your shopping extravaganza and started to feel embarrassed about it then you certainly know that you are a shopaholic and it is going out of control.

10. Shopping is followed by a bout of guilt

Whether it is a big purchase or a great bargain, your shopping is followed by remorse but you keep finding excuses to overcome it and shop yet again.

11. Atleast one of your credit card is maxed out

You have maxed out the limit of your credit card and no matter how hard you try you cannot stop yourself from using it.

If you identify yourself with the above stated points then you are certainly on the fence. The problem is not as big as it sounds and with a little help can be fixed but it is only possible if you want to fix it.

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