How to look hot when it’s still cold!!!

Just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t give you an excuse to wear unflattering clothes. Never compromise on your style, coz believe it or not you have better clothing options during the colder months.

Bundle up and still look hot in this cold season is possible with these simple style tips for winters. Your winter style should be all about achieving a fine balance between new trends and versatile classics.

Don’t let the cold weather or the fashion police get to you with these fashion style tips

  1. Clothes with long sleeves

Most of us wear a short sleeved top or dress and wear a cardigan over it. But a long sleeved top or a dress looks much smarter and elegant sans the cardigan.

  1. Layering works well

Wearing a big bulky coat would just add weight to your frame making you look bigger. Layering is the best option to look stylish and keep the cold at bay at the same time.

Girls can wear tank top under a long sleeved shirt or wear a camisole under your tee to stay stylishly warm while men can wear cotton undershirts or tees inside their shirts.

  1. Accessorize well

Who would want to wear a cute dress or a sexy skirt when all you feel is cold? Accessorize your look with scarf, gloves, jacket and boots. It’s a change of pace and comes in handy when you feel cold.

  1. Tights or thermal leggings

When wearing a skirt or a dress, instead of going bare-legged, consider wearing tights or leggings to keep the chill away. It would look weather appropriate and would add some stylish element to your winter dressing.

  1. Versatile winter jacket

Invest in a fashionable winter jacket that suits your body frame. Buy a coat that is appropriate to the weather and that can be worn with different clothing items. Go for a neutral color as it can be worn with almost all colors making it look classy. Black, brown, gray, nude are classic shades that will go with whatever color you choose to wear.

  1. Cute headgears

Different styles and colors will bring brightness in the dull winter days. But if you want a hat or cap that goes ideally with any look than purchase a neutral toned hat that complements your coat. Pick classy winter versions of fedora or news boy hats.

  1. Tie the scarf

Protect yourself from the cold winds and still look hot with a scarf wrapped around your neck. Fairly inexpensive and comes in various designs, fabrics, colors and styles, scarfs put your look together and keep your body heat trapped inside your coat.

Men can wear scarves in simple patterns or single color and for women sky is the limit to experiment with scarves whether it’s print or design or colors.

  1. Glove it up

Nothing can look less stylish than your dry chapped hands if they are not moisturized and well-kept especially during winters. Protect your hands from the harsh cold winds in style with streamlined thin gloves that suit both the weather and your outfit. Make sure the color of the gloves either match the hat or the scarf you wear or fit the color scheme of your outfit.

  1. Covered shoes

Keep your flip-flops and strappy shoes for summers and stay warm with either boots, sneakers or ballet flats, basically shoes that covers more skin.

Men can opt for thicker socks under their shoes to keep their feet warm.

10. Bright is beautiful

Add brightness to the dull atmosphere with a colored over coat or cardigan. A little hint of color would change your look entirely giving you a bright perspective to begin with.

11. Moisturize

Moisturize your body as our skin feels dehydrated and stretched during colder months. Keep yours soft and supple.

12. Smell wonderful

Spray on your favorite perfume so you keep smelling wonderful and remember that the fragrance lingers on for quite some time during winters so do not spray sparingly, just a little hint of perfume to last the cold day.

13. Cover yourself well enough

Wear clothes that keep you warm and make you look good at the same time but do not pile on thick sweaters or coats that make you look bulky.

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