Happy Navratri!

All about Navratri- The nine day festival

Dedicated to the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga, Navratri meaning ‘nine nights’, is celebrated by Hindus with lot of zeal all over the country. Every region has their unique style of celebrating the nine day festival of Maa Durga.

West Bengal is famous for their puja mandals and their traditional red and white sarees, Gujarat is well known for their garba mandals and so is Maharashtra. Other Indian states too celebrate this festival with enthusiasm by doing Durga Puja in the mornings and playing Garba at night. The tenth day that is Vijaydashmi or Dussehra, when Maa Durga got victory over the demon Mahishasura and Lord Rama defeated Ravana, thus making it a victory of good over evil, is celebrated by burning fire crackers and doing puja.

This year Navratri begins on September 25th and ends on October 3rd. All nine manifestations of Goddess Durga are worshipped and accordingly women wear nine different colors on the particular day.

Listed below are the nine Navratri colors and the significance of that particular day.

  1. September 25th 2014

Navratri Pratipada is the day we seek blessing from Maa Shailputri, the daughter or mountains. Known as Sita Bhavani, Parvati or Hemvati, she represents the embodiment of power of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Yellow is the color for the first day and it is the color of sunshine representing happiness and intellect. It evokes pleasant and cheerful feelings.

  1. September 26th 2014

Navratri Dwitiya, the second day of the festival where we worship the second form of Mother Goddess, Brahmacharini, the one who practices devout austerity. She is blissful and endows happiness and leads us to the way to emancipation (Moksha)

Green, the color of nature that symbolizes growth, harmony, fertility and freshness is the color you should wear on the second day of the Navratri festival. Green color represents safety and hope.

  1. September 27th 2014

Navratri Tritiya is the day to worship the Goddess for peace, tranquility and prosperity in life, Chandraghanta, the apostle of bravery who possesses great strength to fight against demons.

Gray, a neutral balanced color creates a sense of calm and composure. The third color to wear this Navratri season is a color that is associated with formal, dependable and practical.

  1. September 28th 2014

Navratri Chaturthi, the fourth Mother Goddess, Kushmanda is considered the creator of the universe. It was her light that spread in all directions and removed the void of darkness that filled the universe.

The color for the fourth day is the color that represents enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, the citrus color orange. A symbol of strength and endurance, orange is the color of fall and harvest.

  1. September 29th 2014

Navratri Panchamin, the mother of Skanda or Lord Kartikeya, Skanda Mata is worshipped on the fifth day. It was Skanda Mata, who was chosen by Gods as their Commander-in-chief in the war against the demons.

The color to wear on the fifth day is white that is associated with purity, innocence and goodness. White depicts faith, coolness and angels are always imagined wearing white colored clothes.

  1. September 30th 2014

Navrati Sashti, the sixth day of Navratri when we seek blessings from Maa Katyayani. Katyayani was born to a great sage called Kata who wished to have a daughter in the form of a Goddess and his desire was granted by Mother Goddess.

Red, the color associated with energy, strength, passion, love and determination is the color to wear for the sixth day.

  1. October 1st 2014

Navratri Saptami, the day to worship Kaal Ratri also known as Shubhamkari, who assures us of freedom from fear and troubles.

The color of sea and sky, depth and stability, symbolizing trust, loyalty, intelligence is the color to wear on the seventh day of the Navratri festival. Blue is associated with understanding and integrity.

  1. October 2nd 2014

Navratri Ashtami is the day we seek blessings from Maha Gauri, the one whose power is unfailing and instantly fruitful. All sins of past, present and future gets washed away by worshipping Maa Maha Gauri.

The color of compassion, love and understanding, pink is feminine and romantic. The color pink is a sign of hope, a positive color that calms and reassures giving a comforting feeling.

  1. October 3rd 2014

Navratri Navami, the nintth and the last day of Navratri ends with worshipping Siddhidatri. She has supernatural healing powers and is said to have blessed all Gods, saints, yogis and all devotees.

Purple color is associated with royalty and symbolizes power, luxury and ambition. Associated with wisdom, creativity and mystery purple color is the last one to wear this Navratri.

So ladies now that you know the significance of all the days and the Goddesses, it’s time to bring out your chaniya choli in the preferred color of the day and begin your dandiya raas. And don’t miss to avail heavy ongoing discounts at Snapdeal Diwali bumper sale.

Happy Navratri & Happy Diwali!

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