Online Gifting Ideas for the Sacred 9 Nights of Navratri

The sacred nine nights popularly known as Navratri are dedicated to the nine Devis or Mother Goddess who are the Shakti of all our deities. This year the Navratri festival that is followed by Dusshera is starting from October 13th till the 22nd this year and bringing along hosts of offers and festivities.

Navratri is celebrated with great fanfare across the entire country but West Bengal and Gujarat are more famous for their night time celebrations that include puja and Garba or Dandiya dance. Come Navratri and the festival season is in full swing bringing along hosts of online festival offers that are simply irresistible. The festivities are further enhanced when one receives gifts and presents to make these auspicious days more enjoyable.

Here are few out of the box online gifting ideas that can surely enhance the Navratri festivities

  • Spiritual Gifts

As the festival is all about religion, spiritual gifts can be a great idea. It can be anything from a religious book or audio cassette or CD of vedas, chants and religious stories, image or idol of Goddess, the chattar or miniature umbrella under which the image or idol is kept, puja items, silver or gold coin with image of Goddess embossed on it or some holy text inscriptions.

  • Sweets and Savories

Although these are the most common gifts exchanged during festivals you can add a special touch to them by gifting gourmet sweets that are exclusive. Also assorted homemade sweets and savories beautifully packed with a hand written message would also lend a nice touch. Chocolates too can be gifted as almost everyone enjoys chocolates no matter child or adult. Dry fruits can also be placed in the sweet and savory basket to add richness to the gift.

  • Jewelry

Jewelry is not only considered an investment but also plays a vital role in enhancing a woman’s beauty. As Navratri is all about celebrating the Shakti what better than gifting the woman of your house beautiful jewelry. It does not have to be a heavy investment as even a small pendant, ring, earring, nose ring, anklet or any other jewelry piece can do the trick. Go for jewelry pieces that your budget allows and make the women of your house feel extra special.

  • Traditional wear

Navratri becomes more special as women of all age get dressed and enjoy the Dandiya and Garba Raas. If women in your household too take part in the festivities than you can present them with beautiful ghagra choli or sarees that they can wear to the dance. Even if they don’t take part in the Raas you can still present them with traditional dresses for the puja and other celebrations.

Not only women but men too take part in the dance rituals and there are special Garba dresses that are made especially for these occasions. Other than these outfits the traditional kurta pyjama or dhoti kurta with mojris can be a nice change.

  • Accessories

When dressing up for the occasion accessories can take the dressing to a higher level. From hair accessories to jewelry pieces to bags, watches, scarfs, shoes everything is important. Try and find ethnic accessories that go well with the traditional attire to beautify the entire look.

  • Cosmetics

When women dress up their look is incomplete without make up and you can help her complete it by gifting her complete make up kit and to add on to the experience even throw in some do it yourself make up videos so she can experiment with her make up and get a new look each of the nine nights.

  • Books or Videos for Kids

It is essential for elders to show their children the importance of festivals and it can be done by gifting illustrated books or videos that reveal the entire story behind the festival. Our children will only truly understand the importance and traditions of the celebrations if they recognize the reasons behind them and it could be taught with the help of books, CD’s or DVD’s that are meant for kids.

Tools and appliances are also worshipped during the Navratri festival and there are great deals available on web stores. If you are confused about what appliance to present then you can go for gift vouchers available for the e-stores. Let the recipient choose the tool or appliances of their choice.

  • Special Gift for the special nine days

Each day of the Navratri festival is dedicated to a special Goddess that symbolizes knowledge, harmony and prosperity. Every day holds a special meaning and you could make it extra special by gifting items relating to that particular day.

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