Online shopping Myths busted!!!

Online shopping has gained a lot of popularity especially since last few years making it the first choice for not only metropolitan cities but tier II and tier III cities too. The Internet boom as some call it is here to stay put.

Shoppers from all over the nation have got options that were earlier difficult to find with retail stores. Online stores or web stores as they are popularly known have options, options and more options. So, why still people are little taken aback when ordering online?

Here are a few of the myths attached to online shopping that needs to be cleared out for you to shop whole heartedly online.

# Price Factor

The most common question that comes to mind is how come the products are sold at such low prices. Is it possible or are they selling fake items or are these products of low quality or are these second hand products….the questions continue and here is the answer out loud.

Price factor is one of the main key player here as people do flock to online stores due to the low prices and web stores get to keep low prices as popular web stores have their own warehouses in major cities and a link up with courier companies so cost of delivering is not that high for the web store but the dealer whose products are being sold have to pay a minimum charge. Another factor is the commission on every deal with the dealer whose products are sold and so on.

Also a major part for low costing comes from no physical store so no rents to pay no electricity bills no salaries or other hidden costs. Also there are no middle men here as all the products are directly sourced from the manufacturer. Some e commerce web stores even have their own partnered payment gateways that help them cut some more cost.

All this and more lets the web stores keep low prices and not things like low quality or fake products or second hand products.

# Extensive Choices

Another factor that somewhat quizzes the mind are the immense choices in each and every category.

It’s simple as wherever you go you would want to have choices but here the choices seems too many as the brands are many. At a retail store you would enter one store at a time that would cater to one, two, three brands but at an online store you get an option of choosing from different brands all on a single platform. The extensive choices is what makes online shopping a big hit in small town and cities as the main problem there is limited choice. It is one of the positives of the online shopping syndrome and it should not be something to put it down.

# Trust Factor

As it is everywhere a few fake web stores are enough to shake the trust factor.

It is true that with good things come bad too and with great web stores there are some fake ones too that are here to take advantage. But with awareness and a little research this too can be overcome. Most web stores offer excellent customer service and customer support so consumers face no issues while shopping or online transactions.

No doubt there are fake web stores but there are reliable reputed web stores that keep the trust factor alive giving customer support every time so the consumers get the best shopping experience.

# Payment Methods

It is the payment issue that keeps many consumers at bay. Many consumers feel hesitant in giving away their personal information and most importantly card details.

To deal with the payment issues web stores have come with various payment options like the most famous ones of cash on delivery or COD, monthly installments or EMI, online wallet, debit card and credit card. Now you have the option of paying through various secure gateways so no issues here too.

# App Only

Many web stores have gone Mobile app only and many fear it comes for a hidden cost.

It is just a misconception as the apps for web stores come with no cost. They are totally free of cost and can be downloaded by the app store. Some web stores even have a facility of sending you the download link just by giving them a missed call on the provided number. So go ahead and get the app to shop through your smartphone.

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