The Paathshala impact; ref Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had to say to the young Indians

Teacher’s day this year was unique in its own way as millions of Indians especially students were glued to the television listening to what our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had to say to the young Indians. Interacting with children, imparting them knowledge through sharing insight and experiences, one thing that really struck the chord was how to serve our country better.

“Serve your country” is a misleading phrase as people think of it as military service or joining the politics but what our PM said holds the true meaning for this phrase. He asked the students to be responsible towards their education, their household and even towards their parents, helping them out by doing simple things like keeping your belongings at the right place, conserving electricity, water and other small things that in the long run makes a huge impact.

We as a citizen and as a human being have a responsibility not only towards our country but the entire planet. We have got so much from it that we can never repay but what each one of us can do and should do is bring about small changes in our everyday life so in the long run these small changes have a lasting impact for our future generations to follow.

Let us discuss few of the many ways to serve our country

  1. Educate yourself

It is truly said that there is no age limit for learning. Educate yourself, as the more you learn the more you are able to contribute to the society. If you’re a learned person you tend to have a good chance of landing up a job giving you financial stability and this will ultimately help you take care of your family and by doing that you are taking care of your country.

You can also help others get educated by motivating them to learn and then earn making them independent.

  1. Vote

It is the right and duty of every person living in a democracy to vote. Don’t take it lightly as you are one of those people who have this right and you need to exercise it. A majority of six billion people on this planet do not have this right and are still struggling and dying to get this right.

Remember that every vote counts and by voting you are making your democracy stronger and the change begins with you.

  1. Conserve

A healthy environment is important for us to survive. We can help conserve the environment by doing our bit.

The jungles we cut are home to animals and help in restore oxygen in the atmosphere. Planting trees not only helps restore the balance but also saves from soil erosion.

Pollution of any kind, air, water or noise is harmful and we can do our bit by keeping our vehicles check for pollution and using them only for long distances. Harmful pollutants from factories are dumped in rivers causing water pollution and also killing marine animals and it is the same water that is used for cultivation. So, we are ultimately polluting ourselves.

  1. Volunteer

There are many organizations that do selfless work for the needy. They are always in need of helping hands so you can be of help. Without sacrificing your family time, do what little you can by volunteering for the society. It can be as small as reading stories to a group of children or spending time with the elderly.

These volunteering exercises would prove to be beneficial for you too as you would get a sense of satisfaction as never before.

  1. Spend time with your loved ones

We provide everything for our family, giving them best of education, lifestyle but what we don’t give them is our time. Try to spend as much time as possible with your family especially the kids and the elders.

Teach your children the importance of family, education and caring. This ways you will help them become a better citizen and a good human being. Spending time with elders is equally important as at this stage of life they are the loneliest and long for companionship.

These are the little things we can begin with to serve our country better. Of course not all of us can do it all but something is always better than nothing. Whatever positive action you take toady will benefit you and lots of others in the coming years.

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