awesome birthday party for your little girl

Plan an awesome birthday party for your little girl with these 5 easy steps

Planning a party is stressful and when that party includes kids there are thousand and one things to take care of. As a parent, you want the party to be a great success because your child would always remember those times.

From selecting the party theme to distributing the return gifts and everything in between, few things do slip from our mind and when we remember it we get completely stressed out. So, for you to organize an amazing party without stress here are some useful tips and step-by-step instructions to plan a rocking party for your darling daughter.

  1. Party theme

The best and easiest way to select a party theme is to look in to her current interests. Does she have a favorite cartoon character or a hobby or TV show? If she is old enough to give her preferences then she would be thrilled to be a part of it and if it is a surprise party you can rope in her friends.

If still you are unable to decide on a theme, browse the web and you will get out of the box ideas with obviously the regular ones. Listed below are some party themes for girls

i.            Disney princess

ii.            Barbie

iii.            Hello kitty

iv.            Rainbow

v.            Minnie mouse

vi.            Fashion

  1. Carnival
  2. Under water

ix.            Farm

x.            Pink color


  1. Birthday party venue and date

Deciding on the date is easier, whether you want to throw a party on her birthday itself or plan it on a weekend.

The tough part is selecting the venue and deciding on the food. First and foremost you need to decide on your budget. Ask yourself these questions and then plan accordingly.

i.            What is my budget?

ii.            Do I want to do all the work by myself?

iii.            Do I want the party to be in my house or elsewhere?

iv.            Should it be an inside or outside affair?

v.            How many kids am I calling?

If you decide to throw the party at your home then there will be no time restraint but you will have to do pretty much all the work. You can hire help or order in the food but then too you will have to clean, cook and entertain the guests.

If you have help at hand then it would be a great option and budget friendly too.

Another option is to book a venue (outdoor only if the weather permits) where they will provide the space and serving, the food and entertainment is your work.

The third option is opting for an all-inclusive venue where they will provide space, food and entertainment plus the decoration too depending on the theme.

  1. Party invites

Depending on your birthday theme, get invitation cards and make sure to send early invites. Now-a-days both kids and parents have a tight schedule so it is better to let them know early. You can also text them on the party day to remind about the invitation.

Ask your guests to arrive 10-15 minutes early as most of them would arrive a little late and since you have limited time for the party you would want them to make the most of it. Do specify your contact details and request to RSVP.

It is a good idea to store all the addresses and phone numbers of the guest as you can re-use them next year.

awesome birthday party for your little girl

  1. The perfect birthday girl outfit

Select the birthday outfit that coordinates with party theme. You can visit online stores too for beautiful dresses and if you want something special then get it custom made. Order a few weeks before the party so the birthday girl gets the perfect fitting and also get beautiful accessories to go with the dress.

  1. Decorations and return gifts

Based on the party theme and venue, plan the decorations. If you are hosting the party at your house then visit a gift shop or an e-gift shop to order the decorations and return gifts at least two weeks before the party so they can deliver it on time.

With these useful tips you would surely be able to arrange a great party and don’t forget to have as much fun as your daughter would.

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