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Are you ready for this wedding season? The do’s and don’t’s of being the perfect stunner guest

Who doesn’t love a big fat Indian wedding? The lehengas, the bangles, the baratis, the naach gaana, the food, family and friends and of course the bride and groom… get geared up for the weddings as Indian wedding season is just around the corner.

Weddings are the time when every girl shines by making extra efforts to look gorgeous and also hit the dance floor like there’s no tomorrow. Well, you go there girl and hit it right. Who knows you may find your Mr. Right at one of those weddings.

Relax! Take a breather before hitting the weddings. There are some rules to play it right and that is what we are going to tell you. Play by the book and you are sure to be the one girl who gets a lot of attention (make sure it’s a little less than the bride, after all it’s her big day).

Let’s begin with the Do’s

  • Look your best

There is no such thing as being overdressed at Indian weddings so get your bling outfit out wear those bangles and bindiya, put on your high heels (do remember to carry a pair of flats for dancing). Just remember to keep the bling and the make up in check. Too much of any of it and guys would be flocking in a different direction than yours. Click here to view latest coupons on latest fashion apparels.

  • Hit the floor

Many people shy away from the dance floor citing the most common reason, “I can’t dance”. Well, suck it up you are at a wedding make your presence count. You should be the one dragging people to the dance floor and not shying away from it. This is the time to let loose and show those killer moves.

If you really can’t dance then there’s nothing a dancing lesson can’t fix. Take a few dancing lessons a little bit of bhangra, a little bit of ballroom and you are good to go.

  • Meet new people

The best place to meet new people and get introduced to the groom’s friends. After the initial hi and hello’s hit it right with casual conversations as you never know where you strike a chord. Make yourself known but don’t go over the top.

  • Don’t hold back a compliment

If you really like someone’s dressing, hair style or over all look, don’t hold back the compliment. Everyone at the wedding must have made an effort to dress up and everybody likes to hear a compliment or two.

There are some people who just give compliments left, right and center and believe me nobody feels genuine about it. Be generous with compliments but it should come from the heart.

The dont’s rule book

  • Have fun but not at other’s expense

Remember everyone at the wedding is there to enjoy. There might be uncles, aunties, kids, friends basically people of all age group. You are there to have fun and you should but do remember weddings are the places where the elderly keep an eye out for the naughty ones and will keep repeating about their hasty ways at other places. You don’t want to get in their bad books coz you are going to meet them at other places as well and we don’t want to begin with the wrong impression, do we?

  • Show respect to the ceremonies

Many people skip the pheras and other traditional ceremonies or get busy clicking pictures or attending phone calls. You don’t be that person. You have been invited for the traditional ceremonies and show your respect by being present with the couple when taking their vows. Do keep your phone on silent mode while the ceremony is on.

  • Uninvited guests a big no

If the bride and groom wanted to invite someone they would have done it themselves. The last thing they would want is an uninvited person whom they might not be comfortable with. If you have some guests coming over and you want them to come with you then ask the bride or groom beforehand.

  • Be there on time but not before time

It is true that most of us believe in being fashionably late but make sure you reach on time and attend all the ceremonies. Do not show up early even before the reception has started. Give yourself a time frame of half an hour so you don’t get stuck in the traffic and reach the venue once the couple has shown up.

Well play by the rules, have fun and you never know you might be the next one to get married.

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