Start your home business today- 10 surprisingly easy work from home ideas

We all wish to provide something more than we are already doing for our family. Being a homemaker itself is a 24×7 job but sometimes it is not enough. You want to work, may be to be financially independent or just killing your time but cannot leave the responsibility of your household.

If you have some time on your hand and a little spare money in your bank, these home business ideas would help you satiate your thirst for some creativity and as working from home you would not feel the guilt or pressure of leaving your loved ones unattended.

Starting your own business is certainly not an easy feat but it is the key to achieving your work goals. Here is a list of business ideas that are perfect for a homemaker.

  1. Artist

If art is what interests you, painting, sculptures, murals or anything else related to it, you can sell it online starting your own website or putting it up on auction websites to give it a go. Many art cafes hold exhibitions for upcoming artists find such a place in your neighborhood to begin with.

  1. Jewelry designer

The craze for jewelry amongst women never ceases. With the increasing demand for costume jewelry, many jewelry design courses are on offer. You can begin with learning jewelry designing and take it forward from there.

Another option is that you can give costume jewelry on rent for occasions. Start a website showcasing your jewelry pieces or collaborate with fashion stores asking them to showcase the jewelry.

  1. Fashion designer

If fashion is your calling, start designing your own clothes and let your friends and family know about it. Start a boutique but do remember it takes a lot of time and energy to manage the workers and clients. To ease the load you can collaborate with a running boutique offering them your designing services.

  1. Blogger

Blogging has caught up with many stay at home people. It’s an incredibly fulfilling work as you have the freedom to choose the topic you enjoy the most and write about it. Online businesses are always on the lookout for freelance bloggers to write about their products.

  1. Gift wrapping

Innovative gift wrapping ideas for birthday parties, wedding gifts, wedding trousseau, corporate gifts and more is catching the attention of the lot. Channel your creativity by offering gift wrapping services. Get in touch with MNC’s, offer your services to known people and with word of mouth publicity your business will pick up.

  1. Event planner

If you are a detailed-oriented person who likes to organize family parties or get-togethers, turn it into your business. Wedding planners are in huge demand as it becomes difficult for women to juggle between work and taking time out for all the preparations for wedding.

Birthday parties or kitty parties are also being organized on large scale and with extraordinary themes and costumes.

  1. Baking cakes

Be it a baby shower, birthday, anniversary, ring ceremony or any other festive occasion it feels incomplete without cutting a cake. Wherever there is a celebration, cake follows. If you like baking and decorating cakes then turn it into your profession.

Start posting your beautifully designed cakes on social media websites to let people know about your new venture.

  1. Children’s book writer

If you are a story teller and make up stories for your kids each night then you might have a hidden talent there. Give writing a try with writing stories for children and with social media it is very easy to test your story ideas. If your stories become popular then you can always publish them or sell the story to a publisher.

  1. Fitness trainer

If you are enthusiastic about following a healthy lifestyle and also preach it then it can be your business opportunity. You can start with advising people on healthy eating and exercising. Start your own fitness classes at either your home or visit theirs. You can even start your own fitness blog selling your specialized workout plans.

10. Image consultant

If putting together a look is what makes you stand out in the crowd then you might have an opportunity there. Image or fashion consultants are in huge demand as everyone wants to look stylish but putting it all together is a knack that not all have.

You might help someone get a date or a job or even alter their personal style with a complete wardrobe makeover and sometimes image makeover.

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