Time to move on ladies… 5 signs he’s just not into you

Nothing is more twisted in today’s time than a relationship. The ups and downs, insecurities and as they say lots of fish in the sea has made relationships a little dicey.

The most dreaded thing in a relationship is when you have to ask yourself this question, “is he into me?”

Sometimes the signs are right there in front of you but you don’t see them or in some cases don’t want to address them. Women get so involved that letting go of a relationship leaves them heart broken and sometimes their confidence too. You might be waiting for him to commit or him to realize that what good couple you guys make and hang on to the relationship. But in waiting for him to realize it you lose your love and respect for yourself and ultimately it all ends badly.

Ladies, listen up and listen straight.

It is difficult to get out of a relationship as you invest so much into it, but remember a relationship is between two people and here it’s only you. Open your eyes and ask yourself, is it the time to move on?

Remember, people treat you the way you let them, it’s up to you to set the boundaries. Understand the signs and make the choice before anyone forces it on you.

# 1 Always busy when you ask him to meet

No matter how many times you invite him or ask him to meet you he always has something more important to do. Once or twice it is understood but always making excuses…either he’s seeing someone else or just doesn’t want to spend time with you.

It is pretty clear from his side that he is not into you but you are desperately hanging on to him. It’ time you move on sweetheart.

# 2 No response to your calls, texts, e-mails

Well, what to say? Stop torturing yourself waiting for a reply from his side. If he’s not responding back to your messages the message he is sending is pretty clear. He’s not thinking about you and you please stop making excuses to send him another message.

# 3 He only texts you as a bail out option

You keep calling him or texting him but he calls or texts you only when he doesn’t have anyone to go to. Let me give an example or two, there’s this last minute party I got invited to, care to join or late night calls when he wants to talk about something only you would listen to. Does it sound familiar?

So, you are his last minute option when he’s exhausted all. Do a favor for yourself by deleting his contact information and forget about him unless you like to be treated as a door mat.

# 4 You keep making excuses for his behavior

If he keeps postponing or cancelling the plans at the last minute and instead of getting upset over it you keep telling yourself that he must be busy and all, then you are surely making excuses for him. It’s not only about cancelling plans but other things like treating you disrespectfully in public or putting you down in front of others and more such things that you console yourself by saying that he’s stressed or something is wrong with you.

Wake up woman, it’s time you not let him hurt your self-respect and show him how a woman should be treated.

# 5 He doesn’t remember your phone number

He only picked up your call because he thought it’s an unknown number… he probably has deleted your contact information and just because he didn’t recognize the number received the call.

Why are you after such a man who doesn’t even have your number on his contact list? The message is loud and clear.

If there is such a man in your life who blatantly disrespects you or uses you only when he has the time then it’s not worth to waste your time or energy on this man. These signs really show you what the man in your life feels about you.

You are a smart woman and trust me you don’t need such a man in your life, you deserve much better. So, make a choice and move on with your life.

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