Top 7 Big Money Grossing Ecommerce Websites of India

14 years since internet entered the world of technology, and see how much has changed. You will see that more and more things are possible using the internet now than before. At some point, people had to travel through heat, dust and rains to get the things they wanted. Now, sending gifts or buying goods is as easy as a click.

Ecommerce has changed the way shopping occurs in the present times. A lot of ecommerce websites in India have become big earners, not just in terms of revenue, but also in terms of footfalls and popularity. Here are top seven big money grossing ecommerce websites of India.

This ecommerce website started sometime in 2007, with the sole aim of selling books as easily as possible. Today, this ecommerce site sells fashion wear, home and kitchen items and other goods as well. What started out as a single product site, is now a multi product multi brand site. The revenue generated by this website is Rs. 11.8 billion. This is an approximate figure, and this is probably why this is the highest grossing ecommerce website.

This ecommerce site was established to give out branded items with convenience. It is known to cater to the needs of fashion for both men and women. Right from apparels to shoes and accessories, you get it all on this website. It is a fast growing website that has maximum reach as well as footfalls. In a day, this ecommerce site manages to complete approx 7000 orders. The revenue earned by this ecommerce site is about $150 million

It is not really an Indian venture, but this ecommerce site has earned a reputation for being one of the best sites for shopping. You get everything on Amazon at a great price. What more, the backend support as well as shipping is pretty convenient and supportive to your needs. The annual revenue earned by this website. Though it has not yet joined the $1 billion club for the Indian markets, which Flipkart seems to be leading, it is pretty much leading the scales in ecommerce websites.

Another popular ecommerce website, has increased sales as well as the products available on this website. The total revenue earned by this website is around Rs. 6 billion. With mobile commerce stepping into the world of ecommerce, snapdeal is surely gaining more popularity as well as customers in the coming times.

This is an auction place for both buyers and sellers. You will see that this place sells all sorts of goods, using third party buyers and sellers. With time, this place has gained the requisite popularity, and a lot of people tend to buy and sell on this website. The revenue generated by this website is about $16.05 billion.

Myntra is known for being the ultimate fashion and lifestyle store online. You will find all the popular brands housed on this website. From this website, you can shop for everything right from apparels, shoes to accessories from all the top notch brands in the market. The revenue generated by this website is around Rs. 2000 Crore.

This travel commerce website is known to be popular and big. It is one of the best travel planning websites in India. It has generated the biggest possible revenue in the world of ecommerce India. The overall revenue generated by this website is $228.82 million. The popularity is responsible for the sales and the revenue generated by this ecommerce website. It has grown rapidly since inception making travel commerce big.

These are just a few names in the world of ecommerce. There are many more which are slowly becoming popular.

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