Top 7 features to consider when investing in a smartphone online

Smartphones have made life so much easier as everything you want can be availed through your smartphone device. Whether it is being connected with friends and family, online shopping, global news update, making presentations, receiving or sending e-mails, social updates, planners, downloading or uploading content, getting information, transferring files, banking, entertainment, knowledge and what not.

With so many activities available through a single smartphone choosing one that suits all your requirements can be a tough call. But with hundreds of smartphones making rounds online there is no dearth of options no matter your budget.

Each consumer wants something special from their smartphone device but it is a personal feature choice but here we are talking about the must-have features for making a regular mobile phone a great smartphone. So before you decide to pick a smartphone from the lot or upgrade, do consider these important features so you get the best out of your smartphone and money.

Operating System

The most important aspect to consider when choosing a smartphone is the operating system it runs on. The top three choices are Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows. The first two have already proved their mettle while Microsoft’s Windows is still trying to make its place.

Every iPhone, iPad and iPod uses iOS and is easy to use with loads of features for you to be fully satisfied with your smartphone. New innovative applications keep the interests going on a regular basis. If sophisticated polish look is what you want for your smartphone then iOS should be your first choice.

Android is the most opted for operating system as it is an open source platform that offers innumerable customization options. From small three-inch devices to massive ones that are well over six inches, Android works well for all. Since it is a Google product it offers best integration with other Google services.

Windows is slowly and steadily making its mark but still has a long way to go. If good quality camera phone is your choice then Windows can be a good option.

Hardware Configuration

It totally depends on your use of the smartphone as to what kind of experience you wish to have while watching a movie or playing video games or listening to music. Besides these your browsing experience, editing documents and other detailed services are also affected by the hardware configuration.

Choose the hardware specifications like RAM and processor according to your specific needs so you enjoy great smartphone experience.


Most people choose a smartphone based on its appealing design as it is a top feature to be considered. A smartphone says a lot about your personality so it should be well-built and look good when you carry it with style. It should light weight, easy to use and portable.


Battery becomes a big issue for people who are using smartphones when always on the go. Phones with stronger batteries can last up to days as battery drainage is a big problem reported by lots of smartphone users. Now-a-days smartphones come with quality battery management system plus also apps that help restore battery.

Screen Size and Resolution

The screen size is also a key feature to consider especially if you double up your smartphone as a tablet or computer. Larger screen phones also called Phablets enables to see much more and clearly. The amount of pixels in the screen is the screen resolution and when purchasing a phone be sure the screen has a resolution of 1280 by 720 or higher. There’s also a choice available between LCD and AMOLED screens.

Memory and Processing Power

High-end phones have a memory of 2-3 GB RAM with Quad Core Snapdragon 600 or 800 Processor while the mid-range phones boast of 1-2 GB RAM with Dual Core Snap S4 Pro Processor. Smartphone makers are trying to provide the highest level of memory and processing cores possible so the consumer gets a good value for money and install all the apps and features needed to fulfill the important tasks on a smartphone.


With the heightened craze for selfies, pictures and videos being uploaded left, right, center, a good quality camera in a smartphone has become a much needed and prized feature. Just looking at the megapixels won’t tell you the picture story. Take a few clicks or better a sample video to know about the picture quality.

Besides these top 7 features there are other important features too that should be considered when looking for a smartphone like your budget, software features, accessories, user experience. The best place to get information about the smartphone you are planning to buy is through online reviews. Go through mobile comparing websites and get best deals on smartphones of your choice.


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