Unique gift ideas for the woman in your life

She might say, she has it all and just needs your love and support but that doesn’t mean you can’t shower the woman in your life with something special to make her feel how much she means to you. Be it your mother, wife, sister, daughter or your friend, you can do something special for them by just letting them know how much you appreciate their presence in your life.

But you know what they are going to like more, a token of love, a thoughtful present that they can cherish for years to come. The gift has to be unique, personal and meaningful and to find such a gift you don’t have to do anything extra. Just a few clicks and the gift would arrive at your door step.

It’s not about putting her name on it but making it specific for the individual. A simple pendant with her initials engraved or a love band with a love phrase written on it or a charm bracelet with the letters of her name for charms.

# Jewelry is something all women like to wear and most will be happy to receive a beautiful piece of jewelry.

  • Collage

Capture her fun filled moments and gift it to her as memory for a lifetime. Collect her photographs, from her childhood to the present, with friends, family, colleagues and see her smile ear to ear when you gift her this unique present.

# In this world of digital prints, the old world charm of photographs is lost. You can revive her old memories with her photographs.

If she is a movie fanatic or a huge fan of a film star, then a movie basket is sure to get her to adore you more. Include all her favorite movie DVD’s, popcorn, sodas or juice and some other dry snack for her to enjoy her movies. This basket would make for a unique gift and really impress her with the thoughtfulness behind it.

# Add a dash of fun to the basket with a little knick knack related to the movie or a book about the actor.

For an avid reader, book as a gift tops their list. If she likes to reads you know what to gift, nothing better than a book or two of her favorite author. If you do not know what kind of books she likes then try to find out or if you want to surprise her then go through her collection and you’ll understand her genre.

# You can gift her a library membership and let her have her pick of books.

  • Cocoa love

If coffee and chocolates are what makes her rise and shine then you know what to give her. A basket full of delicious chocolates, her favorite coffee with some home cooked cookies or cake with a special hand written note telling her how much you care would make her smile whenever she drinks her coffee or takes a bite of the yummy chocolate.

# Personalize the cake and cookies with her name on it for that special effect.

If she likes to dress up (what women doesn’t) and enhance her look with beautiful make up then cosmetic could be her calling. Stock up a basket with nail paints, lip gloss, blush on, mascara, eyeliner and everything else.

# If you are confused about what to put in the basket, take the help of the sales executive or just gift her a ready to gift cosmetic set from a reputed brand.

  • Organic toiletries

If everything natural appeals to your girl then she’s going to love this gift. From scented body wash to moisturizer, fragrant oils to pot pouri, you can appeal to her senses with organic toiletries.

# If you are not sure what ingredients she would like than you can buy her a gift card.

  • Message in a bottle

The most unique and out of the box gift anyone can get is a handwritten note or card expressing your love folded in a glass bottle. Use a beautifully decorated bottle and pour some sand in it, roll up your message and cork it up.

# Use a fragrant handmade stationery to give it a more beautiful look. 

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