What to do and what not to do when launching a new product online

Before you even think about integrating a product launch web page on your website you need to do some thorough research and then know the ways of how to promote the product plus also know which ways to avoid. Once you have the inside knowledge of what to do and what not to do then your product can get the limelight and shine like a star amongst other products.

Let’s divide the product launch in three phases:

  1. Research & Development

The first thing to do is to get to know your client base. Who would be the ideal buyer of the product and what kind of marketing strategy would appeal to them. Basically you would need to do a customer profile that would require feedback through surveys to get into the mindset of your customer base. It would help you better your product in ways that the consumer would like. Also research in to your competitors’ product including its positive and negatives so you don’t come out with anything less than what is already floating in the market. Keyword research should also be taken in to account so you know what keywords are trending for you to create powerful and hitting content that speaks directly to the consumer base.

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Customers need to know what product you are planning to offer so the information sent out should be expressive and impressive. Define what the product is all about and how it will suit or benefit the customer. State your credentials and testimonials to get customers’ attention but do remember to put it across as credential and testimonials only not advertisement.

  1. Promoting the product

After spending all that time and resources on research and development it is now time to showcase the product to the global audience to promote and make it a successful launch online. Fortunately there are many ways to promote the new launch and that too without adding extra cost to your budget.

Start with creating blog posts for the product so you can announce the product and its services to the world. If you do not wish to reveal much information then you can write blog posts that are related to the product but not about it. Press releases are also a great way to launch a new product.

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Another way to promote the new product is through podcast or audio messages as some people consume information in audio format only. The podcast format makes it much easier to rank for the keywords so convert the blog post and press release in to audio format and post it online.

Posting videos on Youtube is also a great way to promote any product as a simple Power Point presentation can be used with audio to create a video. Talk about the product or something related to it while shooting the video through smart phone, video camera, iPod, iPad, web cam and just upload it. Another way to promote the product on your own website is through creating an advertisement and posting it as a widget on the sidebar. Setting up affiliate programs will help reach more consumers as people outside your circle will also be able to know about the new product. Social media websites is also one of the best ways to promote the product as millions of people flock to web sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest and others.

Promoting your product online is not only easy but cheap too so promote in as many ways you can to get the best results.

  1. Things to avoid

As there are lots of things to do to promote a product similarly there are lots of things that should be avoided when launching a new product. The first thing to avoid when launching a new product is to creating big hype around it. It has now become off putting and it will not attract but rather decrease your customer base. Another factor to avoid is not adhering to the promises made while informing about the product. Remember, word of mouth acts as a strong publicity and if the promises are not kept consumers tend to lose faith in the product and even its makers. If you can’t deliver on the promises your product will eventually lose ground. Another important thing is to advertise or inform about your product in a subtle way otherwise it will end up being spam as not everyone on your mailing list would want to know every minute detail of what’s happening with the new launch.


For launching a new product successfully you need to connect to your consumers, know their preferences, promote the product and avoid certain factors. When you know what to do and what not to do it means you have climbed the first step on the ladder of success.

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