Why it’s time you need a new Smartphone?

Smartphones have changed the way we communicate all thanks to the great features and applications that has taken the functionality of the smartphone to a higher level. It won’t be wrong to say that smartphones have taken over the mobile phone market in a very short period of time. With the hi-tech Flipkart smartphones it has become easier to share all sorts of data, files and apps that not only help us communicate, entertain but even perform work tasks. There are hoards of things one can do with a smartphone.

If you are not happy with your mobile phone and keep struggling with it, it might be the right time you get yourself a new and more advanced smartphone. Here are few of the signs to let you know that the time for replacing your old mobile with the smarter version has come.

  • Low Internet Speed

The most disappointing and irritating moment is when you immediately need access to the Internet and the slow speed of data does not let you gain the quick access to it. With 3G and 4G data plans offering better data speed it has become way faster to download videos, music, apps and more using your new smartphone that would offer few let downs. You can buy quality mobiles at Paytm.com

  • Software Issues

The software of a mobile phone is one of the important features that determine its functionality and user-friendliness. If your mobile phone switches off at any given point or hangs when most needed or shows any other dysfunctional signs when you really need to use it. It might be that your phone is facing software issues and the best solution would be getting yourself a new smartphone with different software that serves to your expectation by giving you a better user experience. Snapdeal Micromax mobiles have better OS and software. Other good store to buy a mobile is Infibeam.


  • Low Camera Quality

If the cell phone you are using has a low quality camera that produces blurred or dull images then there is no other option than changing the cell phone. If taking pictures is your fad like million others than it’s time you get yourself a smartphone with high quality camera that produces good quality images and also comes with different camera modes for different images. When comparing the cell phones focus more on the camera feature so you get what you are looking for.

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  • Low Battery

The battery issue seems to catch up with almost all smartphones as they do not hold up for more than a couple of days without battery charging. If your current mobile phone does not hold power even with battery replacements or it needs to be charged more than once on a daily basis then too it’s time to get a new smartphone that has a better battery strength.

  • Low Storage

If you download files often or enjoy storing music or videos on your phone than you do need a smartphone with good storage capacity. Many smartphones have a SD card option that holds extra data but if even that is less for you than go for a smartphone that offers high storage capacity so all your data, files and downloads can be stored in the phone memory and whenever you need it it’ll be just a touch away.


  • Applications Galore

There are hundreds of applications available for smartphones but if the software you are using does not allow you to get free apps or you have a limited access to applications then it is definitely time to invest in a better smartphone. Applications for smartphones have made them user-friendly and functional in various ways that not only helps us to stay connected with people anywhere in the world but also entertain, work, manage, communicate, informed and loads of other things.

  • Smartphone Screen Size

The screen size varies on the user, a smartphone with a big screen can be difficult to hold on but gives a better user experience when streaming videos or browsing. A smartphone with small screen would be easier to keep and make calls but might not give a pleasant experience while enjoying other features. So, whatever your dilemma go for the screen size that best suits your user requirement.


  • Quality Brand

Gone are the times when there were only a few brands available for smartphones but still there are only a few brands that have a high reputation for making quality smartphones. The reputed brands will not only offer high quality smartphones but also offer different models with diverse features making it user-friendly that matches up to your lifestyle making it easier to perform different tasks.

So now that you know the signs ask yourself is it time to switch to a better smartphone? If yes, then all you need to do is visit online stores (you can find a good android mobile under Rs.3000) that not only offer different smartphones but also offer price comparison and reviews that help you take a better and informed decision.

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