Women love to bargain but do they really know how to Negotiate

Almost all women bargain and most are really good at it and those who are not try to cut corners by displaying some kind of emotion be it positive or negative but when it comes to negotiation all try to play it safe. Negotiation is much like bargain but in a more positive sense. When it comes to business there is always a scope for negotiation and most negotiation tips can be easily learned.

Give it a try

Many women simply accept what they are offered without looking for opportunities of negotiating. One thing should be known that everything is negotiable whether it is shopping, business or even relationships. Though the case is different when you shop online from any reputed online source like Limeroad.com, Zivame.com, Koovs.com, Fashionandyou.com, Naaptol.com or Yepme.com. You can get more out of everything if you give it a try and not accept it as it is offered. But before trying to negotiate there are a few factors that should be prepped so when you negotiate you are fully prepared and confident of what you are saying or doing. Take your time to do the research, review costs, statistics or trends so that you yourself are convinced about it. If you yourself are convinced and confident than half the battle is won.

Keep your emotions and body language in check

Women are emotional by nature and this is the reason that dirty bargaining tricks or negotiations tactics can bring out negative emotions like anger, frustration, unhappiness or disbelief. When negotiating always keep your emotions under check by not being swayed away by harsh words or tactics. The key is to stay calm and composed to keep the negative feelings at bay even by taking a break from the negotiation and starting again.

Body language is also equally important as your words might say something and your body language something else. Maintain direct eye contact and good body posture that shows your interest, focus and confidence so you are to be taken seriously.

Learn to say No and when to be Quiet

Women tend to accept everything just to avoid a conflict, keep others happy and be liked by them. Being liked or keeping others happy is not the reason you are negotiating, a good negotiator must know when to put the foot down and say no. Similarly, staying quiet in situations where you have made your point and the counter person is keeping their say is also a trait of a good negotiator. Give the best possible deal and then don’t soften the blow or back down.

Know your worth and be prepared for criticism

Women have a tendency to underestimate themselves especially at workplace. While negotiating for a job or salary you should know what you deserve for the efforts and hard work you put in and if you are truly valued your offer would not be rejected. If you feel you are not offered the right position or salary then don’t lose heart instead find someone who appreciates and knows your worth.

Sometimes you might have to face criticism or harsh comments about the way your work or your ethics. Take it all in a positive stride no matter how much it hurts. Try to anticipate such comments beforehand and formulate your positive responses.

Be yourself

The most effective tip to learn the rope of negotiation is to be your true self. Avoid bargaining or negotiation styles that make you uncomfortable or put you in a difficult position. If you have to put up an act and you yourself are not comfortable with it believe it or not people may just see through it and all the efforts would go down the drain. For a woman to be successful and good negotiator or bargainer it is extremely necessary to remain true to yourself and not act pretentious even when you are using different tactics.

Dress the part

Dressing the part you are playing is extremely important to lend you that extra bit of confidence where you know you are not only mouthing the part but looking the part too. Dressing the part of a negotiator simply means following your fashion style in the right manner without going overboard to impress others or outshine someone.


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